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Funniest Review Short Jokes

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  1. Why haven't Aliens visited our solar system yet? ... They looked at the reviews...
    Only 1 star.
  2. Reviews for Hogwarts Legacy are coming in. Most reviewers are giving it a 9 3/4 depending on the platform.
  3. I took an epileptic girl to a rave I jokingly told her, "I hear this place has rave reviews", but she just rolled her eyes at me.
  4. The reason that aliens have never visited us is because The reason that aliens have never visited us is because our solar system has received terrible reviews.
    We only have one star.
  5. I saw God write a review about our solar system a while ago he didn't explain why he gave it a one star tho
  6. If you want to hang yourself and still need a rope... ... take the one without any customer reviews. It should be the best for the job.
  7. What do you call a huge, angry, green man that cites all his arguments from peer reviewed journals? The credible hulk
  8. Why haven't aliens visited our solar system yet? They checked the reviews... but we only had one star
  9. Why doesn't Yelp remove fake reviews of Indian restaurants? Because everyone likes a little naan fiction
  10. why have aliens never visited our solar system? because they saw the reviews only had 1 star

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Review One Liners

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  1. You know the razor blade works... when there are no reviews for it on amazon.
  2. Why haven't alien come to our solar system? They checked our reviews.
    One star.
  3. Why haven't aliens visited our solar system yet? They checked the reviews.. only 1 star
  4. Why is Texas called the Lone Star state? Because of all the one-star reviews
  5. My review of our solar system 1 Star.
  6. Aliens don't want to meet us. They've looked at the reviews…
    only 1 star!
  7. One of my books just had a four-star review! The reviewer said "This book is \*\*\*\*"
  8. The latest reviews for The Room are in... overall it's got hi marks.
  9. I asked Yoda for a two word review of Les Miserables "Lame is."
  10. I've heard mixed reviews about cannibalism... It varies from person to person.
  11. Syria has a lot of nice reviews Everyone says they got blown away.
  12. Did you hear about the man who reviews herbs and spices? I heard he's a seasoned expert.
  13. I did my first stand up routine in Chernobyl last night I got glowing reviews
  14. Did you see the reviews for the restaurant on the moon? Great view, but no atmosphere.
  15. Why haven't aliens visited our planet yet? They looked at the reviews… only 1 star!

Amazon Review Jokes

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  • I was looking for some razor blades on amazon today I assume the ones with no reviews are the best.
  • I wanted to buy a noose on Amazon... But there are no reviews for it...
  • You know the knife is good... When no one left a review on Amazon.
  • I like my men like I like my backpacks Thick and will hold my stuff.
    (Found this on an Amazon review)
  • When shopping for a vacuum on amazon, never trust a 5 star review. There is no such thing as a perfect vacuum.
  • How can tell know if the razor blade you are planning on buying is a good one? If there are no reviews for it on Amazon
  • Amazon Asked Me to Write a Review Amazon asked for feedback on the used telescope I bought from their site.
    I was honest with my review: "This telescope s**.... Two Stars."
  • Why are s**... kits so hard to sell on Amazon? They never have positive reviews.
  • Amazon review for 20' rope. **** - this is simply the most amazing, durable, and soft rope ever!
    Last one I'll ever need! - Kate S.

Peer Review Jokes

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  • I came up with a great science joke, but the scientists didn't take it seriously enough to laugh at. They told me it hadn't been peer reviewed.
  • Solitary Theoretical Physicist Proves Solipsistic Reality... Unfortunately, he won't publish his research because he doesn't trust peer review.
  • The state of public toilets is scientific evidence that doing something 10 000 times doesn't make you good at it. It's even peer reviewed.
  • How do you evaluate a u**...? Peer reviews
Review joke, How do you evaluate a u**...?

Performance Review Jokes

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  • I work as a Customs Officer and yesterday I had my yearly performance review. They feel I'm borderline incompetent.
  • Why do Hispanic performance reviews take so long? They spend too much time on their GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOALSSSS
  • My annual performance review says I lack "passion & intensity", guess management hasn't seen me alone with a Big Mac.
  • Trump is breathing a sigh of relief today... He just aced his performance review and probably got another bonus.

Code Review Jokes

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  • You know it's love when you let her commit to your source tree without reviewing her code.
Review joke, You know it's love when

Comical Review Jokes and Gems that Will Get You in Laughter Land

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The Expendables 2 Review:

I haven't seen that much shooting in a movie since I went to watch The Dark Knight Rises.

What's the difference between a wide receiver and Ray Rice's wife?

The NFL will review the tape of the wide receiver getting hit

What's the difference between a review of David Blaine's act and Bill Cosby on rollerblades?

One is rating an escapist, the other is a skating r**....

The Human Centipede review

I found it a little tongue-in-cheek...
Source: Dad

People have started rating h**... clinics on trip advisor

The one time you don't want a positive review.

Why did the book critic give The Road a bad review?

Too many plot holes.

I am going to start a website to review Vietnamese restaurants.

It's going to be called Friend or Pho.

Salt movie review

Gave me hypertension, 16/10.

My Fallout 4 Review

It's a blast.

First Review in for "The Force Awakens"

Absolutely to die for

Here's my review of the sun:

One star.

Here's my review of EA

Sorry EA but if you want the review it'll be $5.99 for each letter and $7.99 for each punctuation and comma

What do you call it when a non-binary gendered couple has a legal dispute over custody of their children?

A transparency review.

My review of this day so far

10/10 nothing terrible happened

The following is a tourist's review of Tatooine:

"I was way too hot, two stars."

How did the referee declare Aaron Hernandez dead?

"After review, the receiver did not get two feet down."

I read a review for this cheese grater I was buying online...

"The most violent book I've ever read" - Helen Keller

A customer leaves a review at a German restaurant.

The review: It's not bad, it's the wurst!

A cow recently submitted a two word theater review...

"Udderly Mooving."

I went to a lawyer to review some documents.

I told him everything had to be "plain and simple" if I was going to sign away some of my rights.
He said to me, "Oh, so you like vanilla waivers."

iPhone X, Pixel 2 XL, Note 8: a poor man's review

unaffordable, unaffordable, unaffordable

The reviews for The Disaster Artist are coming in

They have received, oh, hi Marks

With all the political debate r**... in the U.S. right now, I thought it would be constructive to briefly review the first article in the Constitution

It's "the."

My review of my time in the world's first heatless room:

It was 0K.

You are unlikely to see negative reviews when shopping online for Parachutes

Know what I mean!!!
If any such review you find out, let me know. LOL

What legitimizes urology research?

Pee'r review

My Yelp review of the solar system

One star

How do you scientifically deduce the taste of a fruit?

You do a pear review.

Two weeks ago I got a job in a photographers dark room.

After an initial negative review, today my boss told me my talent is developing.

I went to China

It was excellent. I left a review on their flag.

A priest sees a child crying

As he gets smaller in his review mirror he thinks "God I hope he doesn't tell anyone."

What's the worst review US Airlines has received?


Just got back from visiting China

Left my review on their flag

I got kicked out of my book club meeting because I tried to review Tommy Wiseau's book adaptation of his movie despite never actually having read it.

I should have noticed how irritated the crowd was getting at my inaccurate speech, but I didn't read The Room.

You should always feed your dog well,

You don't want a bad yelp review.

I wrote a review for the Fast and Furious movies...

Ok so all of the cars have this little fin on the back and...
Oops, I forgot to warn people, this contains spoilers.

What is the best way to rate / review prostitutes ?

On a scale of "best bang for your buck."

I saw Captain review score is...

78 cents out of one dollar

Got called a homophone after leaving a bad review on a store's website.

Look, eye don't care who cells the product. If it brakes, I won't by it with my hard urned cache!

If your s**... experience would be reviewed in trip advisor style, what would it be?

Be the first to give a review

I left a one-star review on my local dollar store.

They didn't sell any dollars.

There was a man who loved to strangle people for money.

He was offering people a fair price in gold for them to be strangled by his mighty hands, and as a request, he asked his customers to write a review of his work. And all the reviews said:
Thanks for the gold, kind strangler!

I left a terrible Yelp review on our solar system.

One Star

I've just fallen over on the pavement.

I've left a review on Trip Advisor.

Harry went to his doctor on Thursday to review his test results. The Doctor told him that he has both good news and bad news.

"Good news is you have 48 hours to live," he said to Harry.
"Bad news is I should have told you on Tuesday.

Someone once left a positive review at the DMV

The manager saw it and immediately fired everyone

Reviews are in for the Chinese flag.

It's got five stars.

"Post" and "Repost" were sitting on a wall. Post fell down. Who was left?

POST REMOVED: **Rule 2 Violation**
Please review the subreddit rules before posting again.

(Original joke, please leave a review) Barry was hanging out with his girlfriend in the park.

She wanted to be a bit romantic and decided to sit on his lap. Barry was okay at first but after a while he got quite uncomfortable. Barry, being a _gentle**man**_ would never call his gf "heavy", instead, with a smirk on his face, he says:
"Hey babe, could you get off my lap.. we're in public and you're getting me excited.."
His girlfriend replies:
"Oh really? Is it that small, 'cause I couldn't even feel it?"

Left a review for my pest control company:

Con's: The pesticide they used made me go blind
Pro's: Haven't seen a bug all year

I have a civil service joke to tell

…but before you can hear it you need to complete Form P-994731XT, in triplicate, then have it notarized, then file it with the Department of Jokes, who will review it within 120 days, and if it is approved they'll issue you a Form 771F, which, when filed with the IRS authorizes you to receive an appropriate tax status for said joke, after which upon completion of Form 11 and re-submission to the Department of Jokes you are eligible to enter the Joke Receipt Pool, after which you should receive your joke in 18-24 months.

Did you see the review for the scary movie about pogo sticks?

It has its ups and downs, but too many jump scares for me.

Review joke, Reviews for Hogwarts Legacy are coming in.

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