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What are some Review jokes?

My review of our solar system

1 Star.

I saw God write a review about our solar system a while ago

he didn't explain why he gave it a one star tho

I asked Yoda for a two word review of Les Miserables

"Lame is."

Amazon Asked Me to Write a Review

Amazon asked for feedback on the used telescope I bought from their site.

I was honest with my review: "This telescope sucked. Two Stars."

I am going to start a website to review Vietnamese restaurants.

It's going to be called Friend or Pho.

The Expendables 2 Review:

I haven't seen that much shooting in a movie since I went to watch The Dark Knight Rises.

Two weeks ago I got a job in a photographers dark room.

After an initial negative review, today my boss told me my talent is developing.

iPhone X, Pixel 2 XL, Note 8: a poor man's review

unaffordable, unaffordable, unaffordable

My Yelp review of the solar system

One star

I got kicked out of my book club meeting because I tried to review Tommy Wiseau's book adaptation of his movie despite never actually having read it.

I should have noticed how irritated the crowd was getting at my inaccurate speech, but I didn't read The Room.

You should always feed your dog well,

You don't want a bad yelp review.

My review of my time in the world's first heatless room:

It was 0K.

You are unlikely to see negative reviews when shopping online for Parachutes

Know what I mean!!!

If any such review you find out, let me know. LOL

The following is a tourist's review of Tatooine:

"I was way too hot, two stars."

I went to China

It was excellent. I left a review on their flag.

Here's my review of the sun:

One star.

A cow recently submitted a two word theater review...

"Udderly Mooving."

How did the referee declare Aaron Hernandez dead?

"After review, the receiver did not get two feet down."

I read a review for this cheese grater I was buying online...

"The most violent book I've ever read" - Helen Keller

What's the difference between a wide receiver and Ray Rice's wife?

The NFL will review the tape of the wide receiver getting hit

What do you call it when a non-binary gendered couple has a legal dispute over custody of their children?

A transparency review.

I wrote a review for the Fast and Furious movies...

Ok so all of the cars have this little fin on the back and...

Oops, I forgot to warn people, this contains spoilers.

First Review in for "The Force Awakens"

Absolutely to die for

You know the knife is good...

When no one left a review on Amazon.

I like my men like I like my backpacks

Thick and will hold my stuff.

(Found this on an Amazon review)

Salt movie review

Gave me hypertension, 16/10.

Got called a homophone after leaving a bad review on a store's website.

Look, eye don't care who cells the product. If it brakes, I won't by it with my hard urned cache!

Here's my review of EA

Sorry EA but if you want the review it'll be $5.99 for each letter and $7.99 for each punctuation and comma

A customer leaves a review at a German restaurant.

The review: It's not bad, it's the wurst!

Just got back from visiting China

Left my review on their flag

A priest sees a child crying

As he gets smaller in his review mirror he thinks "God I hope he doesn't tell anyone."

What's the worst review US Airlines has received?


People have started rating HIV clinics on trip advisor

The one time you don't want a positive review.

The reviews for The Disaster Artist are coming in

They have received, oh, hi Marks

What is the best way to rate / review prostitutes ?

On a scale of "best bang for your buck."

I saw Captain review score is...

78 cents out of one dollar

Solitary Theoretical Physicist Proves Solipsistic Reality...

Unfortunately, he won't publish his research because he doesn't trust peer review.

Amazon review for 20' rope.

**** - this is simply the most amazing, durable, and soft rope ever!
Last one I'll ever need! - Kate S.

Why did the book critic give The Road a bad review?

Too many plot holes.

How do you scientifically deduce the taste of a fruit?

You do a pear review.

My Fallout 4 Review

It's a blast.

The Human Centipede review

I found it a little tongue-in-cheek...

Source: Dad

My review of this day so far

10/10 nothing terrible happened

I went to a lawyer to review some documents.

I told him everything had to be "plain and simple" if I was going to sign away some of my rights.

He said to me, "Oh, so you like vanilla waivers."

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