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How to make a charity

1. find someone in need
2. Create an organization and donate all revenue to said someone
3. ???
4. nonprofit

States would make a lot more revenue if they taxed people who don't understand math or basic probability.

Oh wait. I forgot about the lottery.

Why does the National Football League deserve Tax-Exempt Status even though it generated at least $9 billion in revenue last season?

Because it is just as real as the other religions.

Why has Hot Topic's sales revenue gone down?

Because the marketing department cuts itself.

What would you call it if the US federally legalized marijuana, and used the tax revenue to fund the border wall to Mexico?

Bi-partisanship at the highest level

[Dark] You know why the youtube shooting lasted longer than 10 minutes?

Ad revenue

What's the difference between an income that happen ordinarily and accidentally?

One have to be recognized only once as a revenue, the other you have to record again.

Revenue joke, What's the difference between an income that happen ordinarily and accidentally?

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