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Relive the days of classic racquetball and the sixties with this collection of retro jokes! Enjoy these nostalgic jokes that'll bring back fond memories of the days gone by. Reminisce with your friends and family as you share these hilarious stories from the era you remember.

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I was at a retro night down at the club

The DJ played "The Twist", so I did the twist. Then he played "The Macarena", and I did the Macarena. When he played "Come on Eileen", that's when the police arrested me.

You know what they say about retro games?

They haven't changed a bit.

In retrospect, I should have known rubbing ketchup on my eyes would be useless.

Oh well, Heinz-sight is 20/20 I guess.

A friend was having trouble with her oldschool mechanical typewriter.

She said 'It's great to have such a retro device, however it doesn't work properly'.

I asked 'What is wrong with it?'

She replied 'Well some of the keys get stuck and I have to move them back manually'

'Ah I think I have a solution'

'Please tell me'

'Well what you need to do is press W, D, 4, T, all at once and it should loosen up'.

I just opened a retro toy store... lost value as soon as I opened it.

h**... has never been THE virus to have...

Because it's always been retro.

People in Houston are bringing some retro styles back.

I heard high water pants are back in.

Retro joke, People in Houston are bringing some retro styles back.

In retrospect, I'm embarrassed that I had a prosthetic leg made for my three-legged dog.

Faux paw.

In retrospect...

it probably wasn't a good idea when Kansas City Urban Friends decided to use their acronym for the new dyslexia outreach program.

I don't feel comfortable wearing shirts with vintage dots on

In retro specked...

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