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How to Save a Life

Joe and Billy-Bob, two of the most country boys that ever did live, were sitting down in a resturant visiting the big city. The meal was going well until they saw a woman across the resturant stand up gasping and holding her throat.

"Help she's choking!" someone shouted, and panic ensued. People were screaming, children were crying, and the poor choking woman was turning blue. Billy-Bob knew it was his time to act. He stood up, walked over the woman, pulled up her skirt and ran his tongue right up and down her butt cheek.

The woman was so shocked she gasped once, coughed, and the offending piece of food flew across the room. Billy-Bob calmly walked back over to his table and sat down. Joe looked at his friend and said "Where you learn to do that at?"

Billy-Bob took a sip of his drink and told his friend, "Well I heard of that there Hind Lick maneuver on TV for chokin' folks, never actually thought it would work though."

A panda bear walks into a resturant..

And orders some food, after his meal the server comes out and asks how everything was and the panda bear pulls a gun a shoots him. The manager comes out and says "hey man what's going on?" The panda bear replies "I'm a panda bear Google it.." and leaves. The manager curiously Googled panda bear and was reading "panda bear: black and white bear, eats chutes and leaves."

Have you heard about this new resturant called Karma

ThereΒ΄s no menu, you get what you deserve

Today the inventor of autocorrect has died

Resturant in peace

I love how music takes you to a different place

Like Taylow Swift is playing at this resturant, so now i'll go to another resturant

My 8 year old brother's best joke.

What animal will you always see at a resturant?


I think my brother is a future stand-up comic.

Have you heard of the new resturant on the moon?

Great food...but no atmosphere.

Going to open a new restaurant ...

I am getting ready to open an Asian/Mexican fusion resturant...

I am calling it Juan-Ton

What's your mom's favorite seafood resturant?

Captain D's Nutz

How did they know the panda was the one who robbed the resturant at gun point?

Panda's eat shoots and leaves

Mastercard Chinese Resturant Commercial

General Tso's Chicken........ $11.50

Coca-Cola........ $1.99

Take out guy forgets container........ Riceless

A man enter a resturant

A waitress walks towards him and says, "I'm sorry but you can't eat here we have had a lot of complaints due to your behavior".
The man replies, "I'm sorry, you must confuse me with someone else, i've never been here before". "I'm so sorry sir, what do you want?". The man then answers "Just the usual, please"

At my cannibalism resturant, I serve Redneck Burger

Served with Hickory Mayo.

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