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Lice have become resistant to most conventional treatments.

Scientists are scratching their heads.


Samsung just announced a series of water resistant phones....

Just what you want in a phone that sets itself on fire - to be water resistant.


When I heard that my toaster wasn't water resistant...

I was shocked!!


A recent study was released on head lice stating that 95% of lice populations are resistant to treatment.

Scientists are scratching their heads trying to figure out how this happened.


A genetic botanist doesn't show up to the church picnic.

Her concerned husband finds her in her lab working feverishly on a new pesticide resistant strain of maize.

"Aren't you coming to the congregation picnic?". He asks.

"Screw them and their impossible deadlines! They told me I have until today to get the corn bred!"


Apple CEO announces he is gay

Samsung CEO announces he is way more gay AND water resistant


Headlice are now resistant to the usual medical treatments....

The problem has scientists scratching their heads.


If electricity is always directing itself to the least resistant, where would it go?

The French


Samsung announced today a new line of Galaxy phones that are certified to be water resistant...

It's nice to know that you won't be able to put out the flames once they catch fire.


The Windmill, the Coal Plant, and Geothermal Station Formed a Band

The Windmill, the Coal Plant, and Geothermal Station Formed the Band "Earth, Wind, and Fire". Their songs start off slow but eventually build in Energy. They would have been Electric too if it wasn't for their Dam manager always holding them back. He was Resistant to change and couldn't see the Potential in the Current market. That's when a few atoms decided Fuse together and go Nuclear. Earth Wind and Fire couldn't compete with Watt the other band brought so they Discharged their manager and started their own Solar careers


Why is Ben 10 so resistant?

He always wears the Ohmnitrix


TIL about GMO Corn

Scientists have been working on developing drought resistant corn that will be a better crop for regions that do not get as much rain. They have developed a strain of corn that has stoma on the underside of the leaves that are stiffer.
It is hard pore corn.


Scientists have created a cotton plant resistant to boll weevils.

When asked about it, they replied, "It's unbollweevible."


My wife bought a slash resistant purse.

I didn't realize the guitarist from Guns & Roses was causing that much trouble, but I'm glad science is solving the issue.


What did Samsung say after Apple came out of the closet?

But I'm gayer and water resistant!


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