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Lately, i called a chinese restaurant for a reservation

i also mentioned that i would bring my little dog.
They told me: "No outside food allowed!"

Hotel Indian.

Did you hear about the Indian who had to sleep in the hotel lobby because he didn't have a reservation?

An Indian man arrives at the reception of a hotel...

An Indian man arrives at the reception of a hotel and asks for a room for the night. The receptionist says "of course, sir, do you have a reservation?"
To which he replies "I'm not that kind of Indian!"

Reservation joke, An Indian man arrives at the reception of a hotel...

What do you call it when you second guess your decision to book a stay at a Native American resort?

A reservation reservation reservation.

Credit to Brian Regan, this is my favorite joke of his!

I'm starting to have second thoughts about the hotel room I booked at the Indian Casino this weekend.

simply put, I'm having reservations about my reservation on the reservation.

If someone...

If someone is having second thoughts about booking a trip in native American territory, you could say they are having a reservation reservation reservation.


Good thing self posts don't grant negative karma >.>

I'm having second thoughts about booking time to visit an Indian community.

I guess I'm having reservation reservation reservations.

Reservation joke, I'm having second thoughts about booking time to visit an Indian community.

How do you get into a Native American restaurant?

You make a reservation

Why did the Native American sleep in the hotel lobby?

He didn't have a reservation.

If you were to second guess your decision on booking a trip to a Native American community...

That would be a reservation reservation reservation!

If you were to second guess your decision to book some time to visit an Indian community...

that would be a "reservation reservation reservation"

~ Brian Regan

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A Native American walks into a busy restaurant.

The hostess asks, "Do you have a reservation?"

Going to Greece on holiday

So I was planning on going to Greece on holiday this summer, I call the hotel to make a reservation, the guy says it's a nice hotel, close to the beach, a nice swimming pool and that it's going to be 3000 Euros. I tell them that's a bit too much for my budget and they said I can rent it for 60 Euros/month if I don't want to buy it.

Kylie Jenner Walks into a restaurant

Kylie Jenner walks into a restaurant where she has made a reservation. The waiter greets her politely, and says, "Right this way Mrs. Jenner" and begins leader her to her table. "Please," she says, "Mrs. Jenner is my father. Call me Kylie.

At first I thought the Chinese restaurant canceled my reservation...

But then I realized I went to the Wong one.

What do you call it if you were to second guess your decision to book time at a native american community?

That's a reservation reservation reservation.

(Credit to Brian Regan)

Reservation joke, What do you call it if you were to second guess your decision to book time at a native american comm

If you were to second guess your decision to stay at a hotel on a native american reserve...

....that would be a reservation reservation reservation

-credit to Brian Regan


A couple walk into a nice restaurant on Friday night, hoping to get a table. Upon seeing the couple, the host asks the couple, "Do you have reservations?" The wife replies, "Yes, but we'll eat here anyway."

So this Pharaoh was making a dinner reservation...

Tutankhamen- I'd like to make a reservation for dinner, it's a special occasion. Name, Tutankhamen.

Restaurant Host- Oh, nice, who will you be dining with?

Tutankhamen- Oh my wife, also my sister and step-mother.

Restaurant Host- Ok, I'll put you in for a table for four, near the grotto.

Tutankhamen- Four? I'm just bringing Ankhesenamun.

A car broke down on a Native Reservation... the driver got out to see what was going on. He lifted the hood, looked in, and noticed there was something wrong with the motor piston. Without any tools or cell service, he sighed, shut the hood and leaned on his car and waited for a passerby. Finally, a truck came around the bend so he waved it down and the truck pulled over. Inside was a few Native Americans, and asked, "what's wrong?"

"Piston broke", he replied.

"So are we. Get in."

"Yes, I have reservations, but I'll eat here anyway."

- my dad to every hostess ever

My boyfriend and I are Cherokee Indians. He stood me up at our favorite restaurant last night...

But it's OK. I don't think we could have stayed anyway, we didn't have a reservation.

A pharaoh makes a reservation in a restaurant:

"Can I reserve a table for two?"

"Sure just give me a name."


"Would you spell it for me?"

"Bird, double triangle, wavy line, another bird, dog head, sun, scarab..."

Why did Batman make a dinner reservation for one?

Because he was planning a family dinner.

Sorry if this joke has been repeated

What did the Jewish American princess make for dinner?

A reservation.

Went to the Indian reservation to get some dental work done...

Ended up just buying some Sioux veneers

I booked a trip to visit the Cherokee in Oklahoma this summer, but I'm having second thoughts...

I'm having a reservation reservation reservation.

Why does the Native American always get a table at the nicest restaurants?

He has a reservation.

Did you hear about the orgy at the Native American reservation?

It was in tents.

What is it called when you're having second thoughts about booking a room at a Native American casino?

A reservation reservation reservation.

I was going to take my girlfriend to a fancy restaurant on a Native American reservation...

But I have reservations about making reservations on reservations

What do you call dental work you get while on vacation on an indian reservation?


I once went to a Native American restaurant but was turned away.

They told me it was reservation only.

A Pharoah makes a reservation at a ski resort...

Pharaoh: I'd like to make a reservation for two please.

Attendant: Absolutely. Can I get your name please.

Pharoah: "Neferneferuaten"

Attendant: ...can you spell that out for me?

Pharaoh: Bird, double triangle, wavy line, dog head, more bird, flames..."

Did you hear about the first electrician to put a light in an outhouse for an Indian?

He was the first to wire ahead for a reservation.

All the good restaurants are racist.

Apparently they only serve native americans, because every time I ask for a table they tell me I need to have a reservation.

An upset orator wants to talk to us about his reservation being cancelled

but he has no room to speak.

My friend recently got married in the Signet Library in Edinburgh. I was surprised he managed to bag the reservation

They're usually fully booked.


You know, if you are hesitant to book time to stay on Indian land.. that's a reservation reservation reservation!

A Cherokee chief walks into a hotel.

The receptionist: You have a reservation?

The Cherokee chief walks away, feeling insulted and depressed.

A Cherokee chief walks into a hotel.

The receptionist: You have a reservation?

Yeah you're right. The Cherokee chief walks away.

A guy walks into a hotel

He asks at the front desk for his reservation .

The manager asks about his details and then gives him the key.

The guest then takes his room key and goes into the elevator.

After half an hour he comes back and angrily complains the manger that he couldn't find his room

The manager calmly replies," Well what did you expect when you booked room 404?."

What do you call a concern about a specific time you may have booked on Native American property?

A reservation reservation reservation.

I was on a guided tour of an Indian Reservation when this streaker ran past our group wearing nothing but a headdress.

I asked the tour guide. "Who's that idiot?"

He replied.."That's Running Bare"

A man walks into a 5-star restaurant...

A man walks into a fancy 5-star restaurant.

The host says to him: " Good evening sir. Do you have a reservation?"

The man replies : "Yes, actually."

The host asks: "Name?"

And the man replies: " Nah, the name is ok. It's just the atmosphere."

I was trying to make a reservation for a seat at the library

But they were fully booked

If you're having second thoughts about dinner plans on tribal lands... I guess you're having...

Reservations about reservations on the reservation.

I couldn't get a reservation at the library

They were completely booked

You better call early if you want a reservation at the library today.

They're usually fully-booked.

Jesus and his friends turned up at a restaurant

Waitress: The reservation is for 26 people but there's only 13 of you.

Jesus: Yeah, we're just going to sit on one side of the table.

I called the library to try to make a reservation...

But they said they were fully booked.

I tried making a reservation at the library...

..they said that they were fully booked.

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