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  1. Newsflash! A small, 2-seat aircraft crashed in a graveyard in Poland. Rescuers have found 115 dead so far and expect to find hundreds more as they continue digging.
  2. I heard the last two kids rescued raced eachother to the end of the cave... Rescuers reported the race ended in a Thai.
  3. They've written a sequel to The Martian where a hundred rescuers attempt to rescue a stranded man on mars, only to fail. It's title.
    101 Dull Martians
  4. Cessna 172 crashes into Newfoundland cemetery. Rescuers have recovered hundreds of dead so far.
  5. A Native American fell down an out-house. When he was finally discovered, the rescuer asked him how long he had been there and he replied.
    "Many moons"
  6. A man was stranded on an island and was visited by a genie who gave him one wish. 3 weeks later rescuers found a corpse with a 3 foot d**....

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  1. You know, it was so close for those Thai boys... The rescuers almost said "Phuket".

Rescuers joke, You know, it was so close for those Thai boys...

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A man got lost on a camping trip

A man got lost on a camping trip. Rescuers scoured the wilderness until a medical emergency team finally spotted a solitary figure across a wide chasm.
Charlie Smith, someone shouted, is that you?
Yes, it is, came the reply. Who are you?
We're from the Red Cross.
I gave at the office! Charlie shouted back.

A Christian man ends up on a deserted island...

He is stranded there for a few years until a rescue boat finds him. When the rescuers get onto the island, they are amazed to see what the man has built to survive. The man had built three different structures out of bamboo and leaves. They asked the man what the first structure was. The man said, That's my house. They then asked about the second structure. That's where I go to Church. The man replied. Then they asked about the third structure. A scowl came over the mans face as he told the rescuers, That's where I used to go to Church.

Fire at the Pub

A firehouse got a call about a pub. The firemen rushed there to see the place ablaze. They could hear someone calling for help from inside. Two of them ran in to see an Irishman trapped under debris. They were able to pull him out as the rest of them fought the fire. One of his rescuers asked how the fire started. The Irishman looked up at him and said, "I don't know, it was like this when I got here."

So a man who had been stranded on an island 7 years was finally rescued...

as the ship was pulling away from the island one of his rescuers was looking back at the island and noticed three huts on the beach. Curious, he asked the castaway what they were for. "Well" he replied "the first one there was my house and that one over there is my church" "and the other?" asked the sailor. "Oh that...thats the church I used to go to"

Lone Survivor

The rescue team finds the crashed airplane. The lone survivor is chewing on a bone,with a huge pile of bones next to him. The rescuers are shocked. He says "You can't judge me for this, I had to survive." The rescue leader says "But, Christ, man ... your plane went down two days ago!"

A sailor is stranded on a desert island with nothing but palm fronds and sea anemones to live off. Finally when he was recused the rescuers asked why was he covered in anemones with a ring of palm fronds in arms reach. He replies, 'I keep my fronds close but my anemones closer'.

'With fronds like that, who needs anemones?'

rescuers find a dead body floating in a lake in july

They take him out of the water and immidiately start resuscitating him. After an hour has passed another rescuer who has stood silent finally says
Boys I think you can stop now. You see, he has his skates on

Rescuers joke, You know, it was so close for those Thai boys...