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Funniest Republic Short Jokes

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  1. Say what you like about China... [This post has been removed by the Communist Party of China (CPC) of the People's Republic of China at the discretion of General Xi Jinping]
  2. A Slovak oligarch, Japanese nationalist, communist and a pirate meet in a parliament... This isn't a joke. It's Czech Republic.
  3. An apple pie costs $2.50 in Jamaica. The same apple pie costs $3.00 in the Dominican Republic.
    These are the pie rates of the Carribean.
  4. Just made this one up... My uncle recently ordered a mail order bride from the Czech Republic. The Czech is in the mail.
    ~I'll let myself out...
  5. TIL there's one country that still doesn't use ANY form of electronic money transfer. It's the Cheque Republic
  6. There is this guy from the Czech Republic that plays chess with his austrian friend. Czech mate.
  7. Did you guys hear about the new death camps in North Korea? No you didn't. You haven't heard anything. Long Live the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
  8. In the 2001 film "The Planet of the Apes" David Warner plays a primate named Senator Sandar which means the whole planet is probably a Banana Republic
  9. Germany and the Czech Republic have left the EU to form their own fully integrated economy. Their currency is called the ✓
  10. What do you call a nomadic democracy? A Roman Republic

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Republic One Liners

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  1. What do you call a country that doesn't use credit cards? A Czech Republic
  2. What country does not accept cash or credit cards? The Czech Republic
  3. Which dinosaur does the government of the People's Republic of China hate? Taiwanasaurus
  4. In a banana republic the traffic lights go from green to yellow to brown.
  5. Why did the Weimar Republic ban balloons? Because of the Hyperinflation.
  6. What do you called a verified country? A Czeched Republic
  7. If Britain has Brexit... Did the Czech Republic check-out?
  8. What's a chess player's favorite country? Czech Republic
  9. What do you call an abortion in the Czech Republic? A cancelled Czech
  10. How does an Australian call his friend from the Czech Republic? Czechmate
  11. Which country's people are least likely to use cash? The Czech Republic.
  12. The U.S is so hypocritical Claims to be a republic, yet uses the imperial system...
  13. I ordered a mail-order bride from the Czech Republic Czech mate
  14. What's the most popular kind of music in the Czech Republic? Prague Rock
  15. What's a bankers Favorite place to go on vacation? The Czech Republic

Czech Republic Jokes

Here is a list of funny czech republic jokes and even better czech republic puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • Bohemia just announced its plans to secede from the Czech Republic. Is this the real life?
  • What do you call traffic in The Czech Republic? Praguetory
  • I have a couple of friends from Czech Republic who are sound technicians Czech one. Czech two
  • A group with a man from every country goes to a restaurant, but one refuses to enter. Who and why? The guy from the Czech Republic, because the sign read that you can pay with Czech.
  • Do you know what do you say, when you outsmart a person from Czech Republic ? Checkmate
  • What country accepts only one form of payment? The Czech Republic!
  • What does the Mayor of Prague do to address the publics concerns? Czech Re:public
  • What type of music do they listen to in the Czech Republic? Prague Rock.
  • Did you head about Michael Cohen's youtube series on finding his long lost family in the Czech Republic? He's calling the series the Praguebrothers.
  • I went to the Czech Republic

People Republic Jokes

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  • In People's Republic of Korea... Dog eat you!
Republic joke, In People's Republic of Korea...

Banana Republic Jokes

Here is a list of funny banana republic jokes and even better banana republic puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • What's the difference between a banana republic and USA? The USA is a banana hegemony.
  • Where do minions shop? Banana Republic
  • What is Minion's favourite brand? Banana Republic~BA~NA~~NA~~~
  • i wear banana republic underwear... because the area it covers, is the republic of my banana

Dominican Republic Jokes

Here is a list of funny dominican republic jokes and even better dominican republic puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • A key lime pie costs $3.50 in Cuba, a lemon meringue pie costs $4.50 in the Dominican Republic... These are the pie rates of the Caribbean.
  • I just saw the pierates of the Caribbean for the first time. Apple pie in Jamaica $2.55
    Cherry pie in Antigua $4.57
    Key Lime Pie in Dominican Republic $3.87
Republic joke, I just saw the pierates of the Caribbean for the first time.

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A traffic Policeman recently stopped a woman for exceeding the posted speed limit.
He asked the driver her name.
She said, "I'm Mrs.
Chadivaler Zuminskagia Ragretumunga from the Republic of Uzbetikan visiting my daughter in Columbia."
As she finished speaking the cop paused for a moment and then put away his summons book and pen, and said, "Well... OK... but don't let me catch you speeding again."

A tourist is eaten by a python at the zoo.

Two tourists from the Czech republic are visiting New York. At the zoo, one leans forward, trying to get real close to the pythons. He falls down into the enclosure and is quickly swallowed whole.
Panicking, the other guy runs up to a caretaker and cries out for help. The caretaker asks him: "Which of these pythons ate your friend, the male or the female one?"
"That one! That one!", exclaims the Czech, pointing at the male snake, bloated with its stomach full. The caretaker runs up behind the satiated snake, cuts it open and pulls out ... a feeder pig.
"Oh no, it must have been the other one", yells the tourist. So the keeper cuts open the female snake, and sure enough, out comes the tourist.
In the end, the tourist could be revived, and miraculously, both snakes managed to live through the events, but there's still a lesson to be learned here: Never trust someone who tells you the Czech is in the male.

What do you call the Spanish Government?

Juan Republic

Tanslated East German Jokes

A man walks to the dock where he sees a big cargo ship. He shouts: "Where are you heading?"
The captain answers: "We are a trading ship loaded with industrial goods and are headed for St.Petersburg to trade with the sowjet union."

The man: "Oh and with what are you getting back?"

The captain: "If we are lucky we get back with our ship."


The sowjet Union and the people's republic of China had some border conflict where Moscow threated to use nukes. After the US President said he would use nukes on Chinas side, they agree to negotiate a peace treaty.

China: We want 1000 new Diesel Motors.
Muscow: Done.
China: We also want 100 new trains.
Muscow: Done.
China: And finally 1000 tons of rice.
Muscow: Oh we cant do that, rice can not be produced in east Germany.


The context is that the sowjet union took a huge part of Germany's production without asking or paying.

At The Zoo

One day, a man from the Czech Republic came to visit his friend in New York.When asked what he wanted to see, the visitor replied, "I would like to see one of the zoos in America."
To his delight, the New Yorker took him to the Bronx Zoo. They were touring the zoo, and standing in front of the gorilla cage, when one of the gorillas busted out of the cage and swallowed the Czech whole.
Shocked, his friend from New York quickly called over the zoo keeper. He quickly explained the situation and the zoo keeper immediately took steps to save the man's friend. The zoo keeper got an axe and asked the man, "OK, which gorilla did it? Was it the male or the female?"
The New Yorker pointed out the female as the culprit. Quickly, the zoo keeper split the female gorilla open and found nothing of the Czech.
He looked at the man from New York, who shrugged and said, "Guess the Czech is in the male."

The Transitional Liberated Democratic Republic.


What would the US form of government be if the founding fathers had been atheist?

Fedoral republic.

Just got back from the Czech Republic... was Prague-ably the best trip of my life

What do you call a chicken with political ambition?


What was the currency of the Trade Republic of Venice?


Why did the Chinese Government cross the road?


A North Korean farmer is finally rewarded after fifty years of hard labour for the State

A party official visits the farmer in his simple living quarters and proclaims
"Comrade, for your hard work and absolute dedication to the great leader and the Democratic People's Republic, we would like to reward you with a car"
The humble farmer nods silently to show his appreciation, the party official continues;
"As you know, North Korean industry is the the most powerful and efficient in the world, and as such we will have your car delivered to you in exactly 8 years"
The humble farmer then signals to the official to wait, and he crosses the room to check his calendar. After flipping through for some time he finally says;
"Morning or afternoon?"
The party official is rather offended, and remarks "comrade, you are being given a car! And that privilege aside, delivery is 8 years away, what does it matter if its morning or afternoon?"
To which the farmer responds "Well, the plumber is coming in the morning..."

Did you hear about the German republication of Mein Kampf?

It's causing a lot of Führer.

An old Greek man and an old Italian man are arguing.

The Greek man says "Look, all I'm saying is that the Greeks invented everything the Romans get credit for!"
The Italian says "Yes, may be, but the Romans improved it and made it useful!"
The Greek man says "We invented the Democracy!"
The Italian says "We realized the challenge of direct elections and the benefit of the legislature, and thus created the Republic!"
The Greek man says "Yes, but we created beautiful architecture like the Parthenon!"
The Italian says "And we improved your building techniques, and used them to create aqueducts and structures that stood for centuries longer!"
The Greek man, frustrated, finally says "Ah, of course. But the Greeks, we INVENTED s**...!"
The Italian man says "That may be true, but we introduced it to women."

(Groan inducing): Why was it necessary to have official witnesses at the signing of the Declaration of Independence?

Because it's not a republic without a notary public.

A Lebanese man in Texas

A clever Lebanese man moves to the Texas Republic. He wants to buy a mule, but when he goes to see the man he knows is selling one, he is told that the mule has died.
"No problem," says he. "I will give you two dollars for the dead mule."
A few weeks later the mule seller runs into the Lebanese man in town, looking quite prosperous. He asked him what had happened.
" I raffled off the mule. I charged one dollar a ticket, and sold 700 tickets."
"But weren't the winner upset that the mule was dead?"
"I gave him his money back"

Where do all 4channers come from?

The Kek Republic

Where do the Chinese study?

In the Pupils republic of China

What do you call a cool hockey player from the Czech Republic?

A hip Czech.

Have you heard about how much meat pastries cost in Antigua, Barbados, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Aruba, Trinidad and Tobago, The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos Islands?

You should have done, they are the pie rates of the Caribbean

What does an 80 year old man and the Catalan republic have in common?

They both only last around 8 seconds

What would have they called Hillary Clinton in the senate of the ancient Roman Republic ?


Trump, Merkel and Kim Jong-un are in the Middle East being chased by ISIS:

Trump turns to them and shouts: "Stop chasing us and I'll pay you a million dollars!" The terrorists continued.
Then Merkel turns to them and shouts: "Stop chasing us and I'll give you German citizenship!" The terrorists still kept chasing.
Then Kim Jong-un turns and shouts: "You are about to cross the border into the People's Democratic Republic of Korea. Welcome!"
The terrorists screamed and turned to run away.

Three men are trying to enter America for the first time

and are coming from Germany, China, and the Dominican Republic. They are told that they can become a citizen if they use the words green, pink, and yellow in a sentence.
The German is up first. He says, I love looking at pink and yellow flowers in the green grass, it looks beautiful. His sentence was good enough and he was given citizenship. The Chinese man is up next and says, I love looking at all your green money, mine was weird, pink and yellow. He gets in too.
Now time for the Dominican. He thinks long and hard and he finally says, When the phone greens, I pink it up and say yellow?

Which country has the most d**...?

The Republic of Chad

The Republic must fall...

Supreme financier Darth Soros
Dark lord of the progs.

What do you get when you mix a Republic and a Truck

A Semi-Democracy

In today's European Championship soccer match, several players from the Czech Republic were seen slipping on the grass repeatedly in their loss to Denmark, while their Danish opponents didn't seem to have an issue at all.

Must be an issue with Czechs and balances.

How to one lady got out of a speeding ticket.

The Policeman recently stopped a woman for exceeding the posted speed limit. He asked the driver her name.

She said, "I'm Mrs. Ladislav Abdulkhashim Zybkcicraznovskaya from the Republic of Uzbekistan visiting my daughter in Tallahassee."

The cop put away his summons book and pen, and said, "Well... OK... but don't let me catch you speeding again."

Republic joke, What's a chess player's favorite country?

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