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Funniest Reproductive Short Jokes

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  1. How big of a difference is there between the male and female reproductive system? There's a vas deferens.
  2. A communist girl thought I was cute. Next thing I know she seized my means of reproduction!
  3. Did you hear about the communist couple that went to a fertility clinic? They wanted to seize the means of reproduction.
  4. In a primary school... The teacher asks students to draw female reproductive system. A girl in the class puts her head down out of shyness. A boy looks at her and exclaims "Ma'am she's copying!".
  5. Asexual reproduction is reproduction with only one party And lots of alcohol and bad decisions
  6. A communist, like Karl Marx, says to seize the means of production... Capitalist Donald Trump however, prefers to seize the means of reproduction.
  7. They say the male and female reproductive system is very similar But I think there's a vas deferens
  8. I was dating a chick from the Soviet Union... it was nice until she tried to seize my means of reproduction.
  9. I saw an anti-abortion meme and wondered about copyright law ... Does the image come with reproduction rights?
  10. If Karl Marx made a contraceptive company Would it's slogan be seize the means of reproduction?

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Reproductive One Liners

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  1. Texas: Where a virus has reproductive rights and a woman doesn't.
  2. Are male and female reproductive organs similar? No. There's a vas deferens.
  3. How do Communists celebrate Valentine's Day By seizing the means of reproduction.
  4. The president is a closet communist He likes to seize the means of reproduction.
  5. How do communists neuter their dogs? By seizing their means of reproduction
  6. My SO has both reproductive organs It's really the hole package.
  7. What's a female communist objective? Seizing the means of reproduction.
  8. I found out my vet was a communist. They took my dog's means of reproduction.
  9. Why is it called sexting and not textual reproduction?
  10. What was the slogan of the pro-reproduction candidate? "Make America Mate Again!"
  11. Xerox and Wurlitzer are going to merge... They're going to market reproductive organs.
  12. What do you call your notes for a male reproductive system class? Your dicktionary.
  13. How do reproductive organs handle fragile things? Genitally
  14. What is Romans reproduction called? Times New Roman.
  15. What do you call a malady effecting reproduction in turtles? A reptile dysfunction

Female Reproductive Jokes

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  • A son asks his dad for some differences between the male and the female reproductive system. "Some difference? There's a Vas Deferens!"
  • Female reproductive system Teacher: explain what a female reproductive system is
    Student: sorry sir I don't get it
    Teacher: me neither....
    *Both quietly cry in a corner*
  • Someone once told that there's little difference between the male and female reproductive systems. But in reality... There's a vas deferens.
  • What do you call a socially awkward person who studies female reproductive systems A shynecologist
  • Today in s**... ed our teacher asked what's the difference between a male reproductive system and the female reproductive system. Apparently there's a vas deferens
Reproductive joke, Today in s**... ed our teacher asked what's the difference between a male reproductive system and th

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I was auditioning for a play today, and the director yelled at me. He said my acting reminded him of a female reproductive o**...! Needless to say I stormed off…

But after I thought about it, I went back. I had to apologize for o**... acting.

A physicist, a biologist, and a mathematician are observing a building...

A very heavy-set man is seen going in.
A while later two very skinny men exit.
The physicist says "To within experimental error, the conservation of mass has been demonstrated."
The biologist says "reproduction by mitosis must have taken place."
The mathematician scratches his chin and then says "you know, if one more person goes in there that building will be empty."

A girl gets home from school and is greetrd by her mother

Mom: "What'd you do in school today?"
Daughter: "We learned all about the male reproductive organs"
Mom: "Oh, and what else?"
Daughter: "Well then we watched as the police came and took Mr. Brown away"

How does a Marxist j**...?

By seizing the means of reproduction.

It always shocks me when people say republicans are anti-communists

With trying to make abortions i**..., get rid of birth control, defund planned parenthood, those all are textbook examples of seizing the means of reproduction.

Why didn't people get laid during Communism?

The State seized the means of **re**production

What does a communist p**... do?

Seizes the means of reproduction

Reproductive joke, What does a communist p**... do?