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  1. I am getting so sick of millennials and their attitude. Always walkin around like they rent the place.
  2. There should be a millennial edition of monopoly where you just walk around the board paying rent, never able to buy anything.
  3. I spent all my cash renting a limo and it didn't come with a driver. Wasted all that money and nothing to chauffeur it.
  4. [God-awful OC] What do you call someone who lets people rent wifi signals from them? The lanlord!
  5. A company just rented me a limo for $300, but I just found out that it doesn't come with a driver. So I have a limo but nothing to chauffeur it.
    I'll show myself out..,
  6. I'm getting really sick of millennials attitudes lately Walking around like they rent the place.
  7. Five ants moved into an apartment. Then five more moved in. Now the landlord is asking for rent.
  8. My landlord doubled my rent. I'm going to give up drinking for a month. Sorry I missed punctuation there.
    I'm going to give up, drinking for a month.
  9. Anne Frank showed a cunning and resolve that any Jew would have been proud of. Two years rent free.
  10. Jesus has been living in my heart for years... ...and I still haven't received one rent check!
    No wonder they call him king of the Jews...
Rents joke, Jesus has been living in my heart for years...

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Rents One Liners

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  1. How many ants does it take to rent a house? Ten ants
  2. Millenials. Walking around like they rent the place.
  3. I rented some heavy lifting equipment in Kiev from a company called You crane.
  4. What do you call cheap apartments in the Middle East? Low rents of Arabia.
  5. Ugh, I hate millenials... Walking around here like they rent the place.
  6. My ant farm has 9 ants. One more and I'll have to start collecting rent.
  7. How did Beethoven rent out his house? He put it up Fur Elise
  8. I couldn't recall where I had rented my car from... ...but then I remembered the Alamo
  9. I rented Batman Forever from Blockbuster I never returned it
  10. What do you call a haunted house, whose ghost could not pay the rent? Repossessed
  11. Why couldn't Bach pay for his rent? Because he was a Baroque composer.
  12. Why do people rent wigs? So they don't have toupe for their own.
  13. Happy Easter April Fools
    Now go pay your rent.
  14. I live in a bouncy castle. The rent is high, but that's just due to inflation.
  15. How many ants do you need to rent out a place? Tenants

Rents joke, How many ants do you need to rent out a place?

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A blonde girl sets out to prove blonde aren't dumb

A blonde girl rents out a stadium and invites as many blondes as she can and sure enough 80,000 blondes fill the stadium and she films it all on live television. She invites a little 4 year old girl out in front of everyone and asks her what's 2+2? The little girl shivers and squeaks out T-three? The crowd erupts yelling Give her another chance! So they do and ask her again what's 2+2? The girl stands there for a moment before answering is it 4? The crowd starts chanting once again Give her another chance!

Show Off - A young businessman has just set up his own company.

A young businessman has just set up his own company. He rents an office downtown and buys some trendy furniture for it. Sitting behind his new desk, he suddenly sees a potential client come into the outer office. Wanting to appear busy, he picks up the phone and pretends that he's calling an important client. Offer them no more than $3 million! he shouts
down the phone. And tell them that if it isn't finished by next week, they won't get a penny! After hanging up , the man says to the visitor, "Hello? Can I help you?" And the visitor replies, Yes, I'm from the phone company. I've come to connect your phone line.

Goldberg opens a hardware store.

To advertise, he rents a billboard, puts up a picture of Jesus nailed to the cross, with the caption: They used Goldberg's nails.
His son, upon seeing this, exclaims to his father, You can't use that! It will cause antisemitism!"
So Goldberg exchanges it for a picture of Jesus's body laying on the ground, hands bloodied, with the caption: They didn't use Goldberg's nails.


An australian tourist flies to america. He is unpacking his bags in a hotel, rents a motorcycle and start driving. He goes 70MPH in a 40MPH speed limit roas, whan a cup is telling him to pull over. The police officer yells at him: "What is wrong with you, man?!?! Did you came here to die?!"
"No," the tourist said, "I came here yesterday"

There was this guy who took his girlfriend to prom...

He waited in a really long line to get some tickets.
After he finally got them, he goes to rent a limo, there is also a really long line, but he finally rents the limo.
Then at the prom he goes to get some punch. There is no punchline

A boy asks a girl to prom

A boy asks a girl to prom and she says yes.
He wants to looks nice so he heads to the suit store. As there's a lot of prom goers shopping, there's a long suit line.
The boy waits in the line, buys the suit and and leaves to go rent a car.
As there's a lot of prom goers here as well, there's a long rental line.
The boy waits in the line, rents a car and goes to pick up his date.
An hour into dancing, the girl says she's thirsty and asks for a drink. The boy goes to get her some punch.
But there is no punch line.

Apparently the same firm rents buildings to both ISIS and Neo-n**....

You could say they're the lessor of two evils.

What's the difference between a neurotic, a psychotic and a psychotherapist?

Neurotic: the one who builds cloud-castles
Psychotic: the one who lives in a cloud-castle
Psychotherapist: the one who collects the rents

My friend rents out broken kites, no contracts or lease required.

No strings attached
Disclaimer: I know this joke is s**.... My 5 year old nephew did not tell me this.

What do you call an army official who rents toilets?

A Loo-Tenant

Prom date

So a boy is going to take his girlfriend to prom.
He decides he needs to get a limo,a tux, and flowers.
He goes to a place to rent limos and the line takes about 5 hours but he finally tents one for him and his girlfriend.
After that, he goes to the tux place and the line takes about 3 hours but he finally rents the tux.
The last thing he needs is some flowers and that line takes about 2 hours but he finally buys the flowers.
The boy got everything he needed and now him and his girlfriend are having a blast at prom but she tells him she wants something to drink, so he goes to get some punch and there is no punch line.

Rents joke, Prom date

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