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Regal Proceedings

If I was royalty, I would have a kid and call him Artist as a publicity stunt, before conceding to the pressure of public outcry, and renaming him something more regal.

So he may forever become known as The Prince Formerly Known As Artist.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is getting released for the second time in Iraq.

They're renaming the game to The Sims 5.


I'm thinking of renaming my penis to Jesus

Because this morning, *he is risen*...

Happy Easter everybody.


Did you hear the Time Warner-AT&T merger has been approved ?

They're renaming the company to: * TWATT *


The British government is renaming the pound

They figured the ounce was more appropriate.


If Budweiser is renaming its beer "America"

Would Bud lite be renamed Canada?


The British pound is losing value so fast... fast that they're renaming it the tonne to give the impression it still has weight.


A lot of sexist men seem to be upset over the casting of a woman as the titular character in Dr. Who

Or, as the sexists are renaming it, "Time Periods."


For the next Olympic Equestrian contest, they are renaming the Show Jumping event.

They are calling it Sarah Jessica Parkour.


I heard they're renaming the city of Thousand Oaks...

The new name is Just A Couple Oaks . Too soo?


Game of Thrones has decided to add more puns to the script

They're renaming it to Game of Groans.


Did you hear that they are renaming the female sex change procedure??

The new name will be...........Adadictomy!!


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