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I used to make jokes at work during meetings, and I could really get people laughing. Then COVID hit, and all our meetings were online. I'd still make jokes, but no one would laugh...

Not one. At first, I thought it was just because everyone was muted. It turns out, they didn't find me remotely funny.

A Priest working in a remote parish in Greenland gets his yearly visit from his Bishop.

The Bishop asks him, "How are you managing with the loneliness?"

The Priest responds, " If it wasn't for my Rosary and my whiskey, I couldn't make it. Would you like a shot of whiskey?"

The Bishop nods his head yes.

The Priest yells out, "Hey Rosary, bring us two shots of whisky "

Working from home and told a joke on a zoom call. No laughed

Turns out I'm not remotely funny.

A dude is having a yard sale and is selling his TV

Customer: "Sweet I do need a new TV. How much?"
Seller: "5 dollars"

C: "What? Why is it so cheap?"

S: "Well it's stuck on full volume. The remote doesn't work"

C: "And you're just gonna sell it for $5 because you can't make it quieter?

S: "Yep"

C: "Wow. Can't turn that down"


My boss always laughed at my jokes at work but since the pandemic she never laughs at them in Zoom chats. I asked her why doesn't she laugh at them anymore.

She replied, "Because your jokes aren't remotely funny."

Jokes from home

I noticed that when I was in the office, people would always laugh at my jokes, but working from home, people never do. When I asked why, they said my jokes weren't remotely funny

My wife work remotely from our bedroom. My kids study remotely from their rooms. I work remotely from basement...

I just realized that I'm the only one who has to commute to work

Remote Work joke, My wife work remotely from our bedroom. My kids study remotely from their rooms. I work remotely fro

Why does the proctologist keep buying new TV remotes?

Digging through the couch just feels like work.

Seeking jokes for my grandmother who has dementia

My 90 year old grandma is in an assisted living home due to her dementia. She has been feeling isolated (no visits due to Covid).

I have decided to start calling her everyday with a "Joke Of The Day" but I need your help with grandma friendly jokes.

All submissions are greatly appreciated (and any tips for connecting remotely with someone who has dementia and is unable to work any technology). Thank you in advance!

My TV remote just suddenly stopped working the other day.

I guess I must have really pressed its b**....

My dad is like a tv remote

When I find him he's always dirty from the places he's been, doesn't work, and is gone again the next morning.

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I treat my remotes like I treat my wife

If they stop working, I give them a s**... on the back

A colleague was let go today......

....after he updated his online status from 'Working Remotely' to 'Remotely Working'

This old remote shutter release i found isn't working

My camera won't take pictures with it but the neighbors car has been crushed.

Who do you pat with encouragement when they fail to work?

A Remote control

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