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REMINDER: If you have promised your SO that you will love them 24/7

Today is 24/7

Not a joke, just a story with a reminder to be careful when telling jokes...

I heard a joke a few weeks ago that went, "What do you do when an epileptic is having a fit in the bath? Throw your washing in."

I decided to repeat the joke in work today to a few of my customers (I work in a pub) and when I finished, one guy got really mad at me. He screamed that I shouldn't tell jokes like that because his brother died in the bath as a kid while having an epileptic fit.

I asked, "Did he drown?"

The guy was furious and said, "No, he choked on a sock!"

Reminder to all Americans:

Remember to set your clock back by 75 years today.

Reminder joke, Reminder to all Americans:

My best friend's marriage is such an inspiration.

A reminder that there are worse things in life than dying alone.

Friends, just a reminder to those who received a book from me at Christmas...

They are due back in the library this Friday.

So *that's* how it works. [true story]

Went to visit a friend at his work (he's a chemist). There's a placard on the wall of the lab that says:

"Safety Reminder: Many Hands Make Light Work!"

Scrawled below that in black marker:

"Gee. All these years of college and I thought it was wave/particle duality."

Cake day is a sad reminder

Its been 3 years i need to get a social life

Reminder joke, Cake day is a sad reminder

A friendly reminder to avoid all pottery while the outbreak is going on.

They say the virus originated in china.

The 4th of July is an annual reminder

of how useless my dog would be in a war.

Strange that the chimney tends to survive a house fire.

as a cold reminder of where the fire should have been. -Jimeoin

A frendly reminder!

You will live to see man-made horrors beyond your comprehension. Nikola Tesla

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Penn State has taken down the statue of Joe Paterno.

However, they have opted to leave his name on the library, as a reminder to stay quiet.

Never Forget Your Password Again

Set it to "incorrect" so when you type in the wrong password you'll get an automatic reminder:

"Your password is incorrect"

An update to Windows 10 reminder was a little icon at first

Then it was an annoying pop-up. Now it's almost a full screen reminder. Soon they will start calling me on the phone and if I say no a couple loan shark guys will come to my apartment and make me update.

This is a reminder that Halloween will be coming up soon.

Some people don't need masks.

I have a BREATHTAKING reminder for y'all

Automatic breathing deactivated.

And blinking too lol

Reminder joke, I have a BREATHTAKING reminder for y'all

Today is your reminder that April Fool's is exactly 9 months away.

Time to start preparing your pranks and jokes. Especially if that joke is a child.

Earth day started with an Earthquake 3 minutes into the game

Just a reminder to how shaky 2020 is

I could never remember pi so I got a tattoo of it on the inside of my arm.

Now it's a constant reminder.

Just a reminder of what day is today..


I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day today.

Just kidding, here's a reminder it's on May 10th.

What leaves a more lasting reminder than a good first impression?

Multiple stab wounds...

Bachelor's Day

Just a reminder that Bachelor's Day will be here soon...

...Also known as Palm Sunday.

A lot of people think it's weird that...

I carry my grandfather's picture in my wallet, But I think it's a great reminder of what he meant to me. Plus, the mortician did such a lovely job.

A friendly reminder to Republicans... set your clocks 60 years ahead and join the rest of us in the 21st century.

The Challenger disaster's 30th anniversary

Is a reminder why women shouldn't drive

With the recent Iran deal and Israel PM Netanyahu's unrelenting pressure. A reminder. Black white Muslim Christian...

# #GoyyimLivesMatter

Daylight Saving Reminder (DIRECTV Spoof)

Why did the old pirate decide to give up a-plunderin?

He just wanted to move on, start a new chapter in his life. Sometimes things happen like this, and it's a nice reminder that we are all capable of change. Sure it's tough, some people in your life might move on from how they used to be - but this doesn't mean they don't love you anymore. The pirate may stop a-plunderin, but he's still the same person. He's still your friend. He'll always be there for you.

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