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A guy is cleaning out his deceased grandfather's attic...

He discovers an old oil painting and an old violin. He decides to take them to an antique dealer to have them evaluated.

The antique dealer studies them both carefully and says, "What you have here sir is a Stradivarius, and a Rembrandt. Unfortunately, Stradivarius wasn't a very good painter, and Rembrandt was crap at making violins."


Why couldn't Rembrandt afford more paint?

He was Baroque.


I just bought an undiscovered Stradivarius and an original Rembrandt!

Unfortunately, on further investigation I was able to discover that Rembrandt made useless violins and Stradivarius painted like a pre-schooler.


When Van Gogh and Rembrandt go to lunch, who pays?

They go Dutch


Did you know Rembrandt was homeless?

Turns out he was baroque.


Why did Rembrandt lose his house?

Because he was *Baroque*.


I have a violin and a painting made by Stradivarius and Rembrandt, the dealer said they were worthless...

Unfortunately Rembrandt made poor violins, and Stradivarius was no painter.


I named my dog Rembrandt

That way I can say "have you seen my Rembrandt?"


Why was Rembrandt sad all the time?

He was constantly Baroque.


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