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I'm a big fan of whiteboards.

I find them quite re-markable

What did people say when the inventor of the Dry Erase Board showed off his new invention.

That's Remarkable!

Terrible joke, came to me on the toilet early, but I had to say it. And it's also likely be told in some form before.

White boards aren't just great

They're remarkable

A scientist is sat at the bar when a scruffy hobo sits down next to him...

"Hey buddy, are you that scientist feller?"

"... Yes I am. Is there something I can do for you?"

The hobo pulls something out of his pocket.

"I've found this marvelous material that's tough like plastic, stretchy like rubber and sticky like glue."

He hands it to the scientist.

"Why, yes!" says the scientist "This is quite a remarkable material. Wherever did you find it?"

"My nose."

The technology behind whiteboards is remarkable.

Back in the day, pens could only be used once before you threw them away

The invention of the modern pen is truly remarkable

A Russian man makes a remarkable discovery

"What poor people there are in America," a man tells his comrade, "Their cars don't have hoods, their phones don't have buttons, and their wine is old!"

Don't you just love whiteboards?

They're remarkable.

Whiteboards are truly remarkable.

I don't understand why whiteboards don't get more recognition..

If you think about, they truly are re-markable!

The Chinese recently made a scientific discovery.

They discovered a louse so small that it lives on the back of the common housefly.

It's a remarkable discovery, but it's gone completely unnoticed because nobody thinks it odd that the Chinese are raving about their fly lice.

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Yesterday I saw a horse-drawn carriage

The proportions were a bit off but the shading and linework were quite remarkable.

We got a new whiteboard at the office today...

It's remarkable!

Have you heard about the invention of the white board

It's remarkable.

Whiteboards are amazing

They are truly re-markable

A married couple were sitting in a fine restaurant

when the wife looks over at a nearby table and sees a man in a drunken stupor.

The husband asks "I notice you've been watching that man for some time now. Do you know him?"

"Yes" she replies, "He's my ex-husband, and has been drinking like that since I left him seven years ago."

"That's remarkable" the husband replies, "I wouldn't think anybody could celebrate that long."

White Boards are...


I like my whiteboards like I like my women...


Why are there whiteboards standing out in each class in school?

Because they are remarkable!

Considering how popular Macs are

It's remarkable how PC we have to be

I was at an art gallery.

"Absolutely beautiful, isn't it?" I asked the guy next to me. "The way the yellow combines with the grey. The way the colours intertwine. Truly remarkable."

He stepped away from the urinal and left.

Back in my day we used to only have chalkboards. The new whiteboards they use are


It's remarkable that nobody has opened a "grass fed" steakhouse in Colorado yet.....On the other hand....

They might just be afraid that the steaks would be too high.

Can we all just take a moment...

To appreciate how remarkable white boards are??

Some people find whiteboards boring...

Personally, I find them remarkable.

I went on my very first date today...

...we were enjoying a lovely dinner while talking about our lives, until she excused herself to use the washroom. It's remarkable how women can stay in there for two hours!

What's the most remarkable invention?

A whiteboard

You want to know what is obsoletely remarkable?!



are remarkable.

I got a new white board for Christmas...

It's remarkable....

What did the inventors of the dry erase board say when they reflected on their creation?

That's remarkable!

Whiteboards are remarkable.

What are you doing here, get back up there and read the title xP

I just got a new dry erase board

it's remarkable!

What do you call a clean white board?


Mark has several qualities that make him an ideal candidate for cloning

He's remarkable

Pen and paper is a great way to write things down, but I prefer using white boards

They're just so remarkable...

I really hate permanent markers

Temporary markers though, on the other hand, are remarkable!

I've got this whiteboard for sale. You'll love it.

It's remarkable!

Okay let's try this again. Here's a GREAT joke about a carriage that I heard a while back.

Yesterday I saw a horse-drawn carriage. The proportions were a bit off but the shading and linework were quite remarkable.

I love dry erase boards.

They're remarkable.

I've found dry erase boards to be remarkable.

I've found dry erase boards to be remarkable.

Just discovered whiteboards


A shepherd owned a remarkable dog, deft at sheep herding and able to speak.

At the end of the day, after his dog had herded the flock into the pen, the shepherd asked his canine friend to confirm how many sheep were in.

"40," the dog barked.

"40? I counted 37."

"Yes," replied the dog, "I rounded them up."

Out of all the inventions in the past 100 years, which one was the most remarkable?

The dry erase board.

My teacher asked me what I found to be the most remarkable place..

I said: the whiteboard

Of all the inventions of the last 100 years...

the dry erase board has to be the most remarkable

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