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In a sports relay race, a chemical kinetics specialist runs slowly, and his group loses the race.

When the chemical kinetics specialist is asked why he ran slowly, his reply was Well, I always wanted to be the significant rate determining step .

Before I begin today's lecture

I'd like to relay an anecdote from my days as a student. My classmate and I both loved the same girl. In the end, she chose him and I was left with heartbreak. But my classmate was left with heart failure. Which brings me to today's subject: Syphilis and its complications.

I explained to my son how batons are used in relay races, and he understood right away.

I gotta hand it to him.

Relay joke, I explained to my son how batons are used in relay races, and he understood right away.

I'm gonna go ahead and make a racist comment by saying..

I think the 400m relay is a better race than the 100m sprint.

My sister hates relay batons

Pass it on

There should be a TV show were participants compete in relay to get ingredients from high ropes obstacle course.

The steaks couldn't be higher!

Two men are running and they pass a bar

Eventually the get tired, and stop. They then agree that they need more than two people on their relay team.

Relay joke, Two men are running and they pass a bar

Whats the word im looking for?

You're part of a three-man space crew orbiting Earth. You can ONLY relay one, one word message in 2 seconds. Whats the word?

I come from a mixed race family

My mum prefers the 100 metres, my dad is all about the relay.

When's the worst place to have an erection ?

During a relay race

A man was shot with a starting pistol and then beaten to death with a relay baton.

Police believe it may be race related.

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I heard OJ was free today

That's the joke. Just relay it to any wait staff at your favorite breakfast establishment.

I think that 400 metres relay is better than 100 metres hurdles

Does that make me a racist?

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