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After 5 long years of studying, a student comes rushing into Einstein's office shouting...

"Sir, Sir, I finally understand your theory of Special Relativity!"

Einstein rolls his eyes, "It's about time"

Relativity theory

In classical (Newtonian) physics, we can't solve the three-body problem. In the theory of relativity, we can't solve the two-body problem. In quantum mechanics, we can't solve the one-body problem, and with quantum electro dynamics, we don't even understand the vacuum anymore.

I'm pretty sure that I am related to Albert Einstein.

However despite all of my research into my family tree, I just can't prove my theory of relativity.

After years of studying, a physics student comes rushing into Einstein's office shouting...

"Professor, Professor, I think I finally understand your theory of Special Relativity!"

Einstein rolls his eyes

"It's about time!"


A student is taking the train back to MIT, and realizes that Albert Einstein just sat down in the seat next to him! Excitedly, the student asks: "Excuse me, professor. Does Boston stop at this train?"

Can't believe that it's been over a hundred years since Einstein proposed his theory of relativity.

Feels like it was only yesterday...

I can't believe it has been more than a hundred years since Einstein published his Theory of Relativity.

It seems like only yesterday.

Why are people from Arkansas so good at Science?

Because they use the Theory of Relativity to find a partner.

Student runs into Einstein's office after years of study and shouts...

"Sir, Sir, I finally understand your theory of Special Relativity!"

Einstein rolls his eyes, sighs and says, "It's about time"

My SO told me she had never heard of Einstein's Theory of Relativity before today.

I said, "It's about time!"

"According to relativity, time itself travels at the speed of light, but along the imaginary axis."

"i c"

Albert Einstein Begins a Lecture on General Relativity:

Ok, let's get started, so here is the gravity of the situation...

What's the difference between Einstein and Kim Kardashian?

Einstein is famous for special relativity, Kim is famous for simple reality tv.

Lazlo's Chinese relativity axiom

No matter how great your triumphs or how tragic your defeats-approximately one billion Chinese couldn't care less,

Two guys are talking about their family histories...

GUY 1: Hey, I heard you're Einstein's distant cousin.

GUY 2: I'm not sure, really. It's just a theory of relativity.

What's the difference between general and special relativity

Ones in charge of an army and the others a vegetable

Yo mama so fat...

... slapping her belly causes gravitational waves.


... every step she takes causes a ripple in special relativity.

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