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Laugh away in revolutionary fashion with these hilarious Reign Jokes! From references to the Reign of Terror to puns about rain and precipitation, these comical quips are sure to brighten your day and make you reflect on the historical events of the past.

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Funniest Reign Short Jokes

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  1. king Charles has a realistic chance of breaking one of Queen Elizabeths most famous records: The record number of 15 prime ministers during her reign.
  2. "Proud Boys" should change their name, to avoid being tied to PRIDE events... ... to something like "Reigning Men."
  3. In the UK most people complain about the bad weather... In the UK most people complain about the bad weather, but Queen Elizabeth managed to get through 70 years and 214 days of continuous reign.
  4. What part of the sleigh did Santa leave behind while he was passing through Africa? He left the reigns down in Africa.
  5. This joke reigns supreme Lately I've noticed that the Supreme Court has been more ruthless than usual.
  6. The King of Spain has sequestered himself on his private jet until his Covid-19 results come back The reign in Spain stays mainly on the plane.
  7. The Heart-Shaped Herb has been responsible for granting superhuman powers to every King of Wakanda in the line. It blessed the reigns down in Africa.
  8. Did you hear about the King who got killed during a torrential downpour, and his only heirs were pets? It's been reigning cats and dogs ever since
  9. Did you hear about the priest who spoke his good words to each of the African Kings/Rulers? He blessed the reigns down in Africa.
  10. What do rain and reign have in common? Before they end, both fall and cause a huge mess.

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Reign One Liners

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  1. What does a king call his robe? His reign jacket
  2. Congratulations 2020 graduating class Reigning senior skip day champions!
  3. Why is England the wettest country? Because the queen has reigned there for years
  4. Why is England the wettest country? Monarchies have reigned there for centuries.
  5. Why was the King unhappy with the weather? Because it was reigning.
  6. What does royalty wear during stormy weather? A Reign Coat.
  7. What is a Queens favorite kind of weather? Reign!
  8. What's the Queen's favorite Prince song? Purple Reign.
  9. What wasthe white supremacist weatherman's forecast? Heavy reign, with a chance of heil.
  10. The 2017 forecast just came in Looks like reign with a slight chance of heil.
  11. All the world leaders met for a summit in Egypt. I guess the reigns down in Africa.
  12. What does a hippie king and rancid precipitation have in common? Acid Reign
  13. The king of precipitation doesn't visit Earth very often. He reigns from above.
  14. What's Napoleon Bonaparte's favorite cheese? Low-reign
  15. What's the queen's favourite type of weather? Reign.

Reign Of Terror Jokes

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  • How did the cops stop the killers reign of t**...? With an umbrella
Reign joke, How did the cops stop the killers reign of t**...?

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Queen Elizabeth arrives to Heaven ...

St Peter lets her in and gives her a tour around the heavenly garden.
-Here are all your family members, previous pets and people of historical significance during your reign.
Liz looks around this multitude of people who wave at her, smiling. Suddenly she stops and calls St.Peter aside.
-What the F***?, Diana has a bigger halo than me!! I reigned for decades, saw my country trough wars and depressions and wars again, gave god, freedom and peace to nations all around the world, surely I deserve a bigger halo than her!!
-Your Majesty, that is a steering wheel...

An old political joke from Imperial Russia (reign of Nicholas II)

A man yells in the street: "Nicholas is a m**...!". He is taken away by the police on charges of lese majeste (insulting the monarch). He tells the policemen "Please let me go, I meant another Nicholas!". The police chief replies: "Do not lie. If you said m**...', you certainly meant the Czar!"

How much energy did h**... use during his reign?

6 million killajews

Once there was a tribe ruled by an evil witch doctor.

Whenever someone spoke up against his reign, he used his magic to turn them into an apple. One day, a small group of tribesmen had enough and decided to steal the witch doctor's magic spell book and turn him into an apple. However, the book said that if the mass of the apple ever changed too much, the spell would be broken and the witch doctor would kill them all. So each morning, they carefully measured the apple to make sure it had not changed. Proving that...
a weigh a day keeps the doctor an apple.

Kylie Jenner just named her newborn baby daughter Stormi

I think the Kardashian family is trying to have a weather forecast for her kids, because it's going to be Stormi in North West Chicago with a chance of Reign.

Life hacks from Secretary Stalin, don't dress for the job you want. Use the job you have to create a totalitarian dictatorship to crush your enemies.

*this joke exists because I found out Stalin's title during his reign was Secretary. During the power struggles his opponents wanted to give him a menial job to side line him. But he realized he controlled who got invitations to meeting, what was on the agenda, and when they should happen. Leading to his total d**... of the communist party as a dictator.

A dog is running awa

A dog is running away from a farm.
The pig asks him why?
The dog replies, "this family doesn't want me man, I'm out"
The pig says what do you mean, the humans always pet you, they take you in walks, you have free reign over the farm. To which the dog replies, "not even pig, all I get for food are left overs, you get corn, and fruits, look how fat you are. I even overheard Papa say he was going to make you Ham for Christmas!!"

A king outlawed hunting in his kingdom

Pretty soon, deer and elk populations were out of control, eating the commoners' crops and becoming a general nuisance. The people revolted and overthrew the king, thus making it the first time in history a reign had been called on account of game.

During the reign of Henry the VIII, what was the favorite game at Windsor Castle?

Queen for a day!

We just had this giant storm that lasted a really long time

It kept everyone in their houses for days... but now its reign is finally over!

Reign joke, What does a hippie king and rancid precipitation have in common?