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What's the difference between Biggie Smalls and Charlie Chaplin?

One rocks the mic, while the other mocks the reich.

Why can't the Chinese be Nazis?

Two Wongs don't make a Reich

Where is Hitler's bathroom?

Down ze hall on ze Third Reich!

Reich joke, Where is Hitler's bathroom?

Why couldn't Hitler change a lightbulb?

It was just out of his reich.

What's Hitler's favorite tv show?

The Price Is Reich.

Why did Hitler lose World War II?

Because his Reich exceeded his grasp.

Where was Hitler sitting?

Third from the Reich

Reich joke, Where was Hitler sitting?

How do you get to Auschwitz from Berlin?

You have to take the Third Reich.

What's the difference between someone who doesn't use their turn signal and Hitler?

You know Hitler will turn Reich.

What gift do you get someone whose birthday is on 4/20?

A reich.

Grammar Nazis see things only two ways

The Reich way or the wrong way

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What is Hitler's favourite type of music?

Reich n' Roll

Why did Hitler make an eHarmony account?

To meet Reich minded individuals.

Hitler took a quiz...

He didn't do that well on most of the questions, but he got the third reich.

Did you hear about the first Reich?

Did you hear about the first Reich?

Or the second Reich?

The third Reich?

The fifth Reich?

The eight Reich?

Not even the thirteenth Reich?

Perhaps the twenty first Reich?

Huh. I guess you've never met any Fibbonazis.

2 nazis walk into a bar, third one ducks..

just at the reich moment.

Reich joke, 2 nazis walk into a bar, third one ducks..

Why did Hitler become the leader of the Nazis?

He had all the Reich stuff.

Hitler wasn't that bad of a guy

He was only doing what he thought was reich.

How does Hitler give directions?

He says "take the Third Reich".

What do you call a blind member of the Third Reich?

A "notsee" because they cannot see!

I'll see myself out...

Did you hear about the Chinese brother's that tried to start a German Empire?

Turns out two Wongs don't make a Reich.

What's the difference between the Chinese and Germans?

The Chinese rike and the Germans Reich.

Why was Hitler late for work?

He tried driving a new route to work, but instead of taking the second left, he took the third reich.

What do GTA and the third Reich have in common?

If you have a star, you are getting chased.

Why Hitler was late to work?

He accidently didn't took the second left but the third Reich.

What's Hitler's favorite music genre?

Reich and Roll

I was talking to a girl about the establishment of the 4th Reich when a girl told me that I was being politically incorrect

Apparently the proper term is "European Union"

Why did the German cross the road?

To get to the Reich side

What was Hitler's favorite breakfast cereal?

Reich Crispies.

What was Hitler's philosophy on PR?

Weimar your reputation when you know you're in the Reich!

Hitler's dad wrote a sitcom after the war....

He called it "3rd Reich from the Son"

If you are wondering the difference between democracy and fascism...

Fascism is the Reich choice.

Came up with this one at work, and yes, we were talking about trump.

Someone asked me where the Angel of Death is

"Go down the hall, Third door on your Reich"

What did Hitler say when his driver missed the turn

"Hey I said take the third reich!"

Trump was arguing with his opponents.

"You know, Trump has a lot of similarities to Hitler."

Trump: "Wrong, wrong! Fake news!"

"Mr. Trump, you know that 2 wrongs don't make a Reich."

What do you call a German empire with lots of hair?

The Furred Reich

First Reich, First Reich, Second Reich, Third Reich, Fifth Reich...

It's the Fibonazi sequence.

Apparently nazis have a skewed knowledge of world history

Ask any of them how ww2 went and they say it was all reich.

What will the Sith call the earth when they invade and take command?

The Force Reich

My German friend and I met some Neo Nazis the other day.

My friend said to them, Whatever you are doing, it is not Reich.

What's Hitler's favorite candy?

Reich and Ikes

Hitler wasn't EVIL...

...In his mind, he was doing it for all the Reich reasons.

Why did hitler fail his drivers ed?

He used his turn signals on the two left turns but failed at the 3rd reich

Did you know Hitler was a boxer before he started WW2?

He had a mean Reich hook.

What did Hitler say to the driver when he got lost trying to invade France?

"take the third Reich"

Did you hear about the 3 Chinese guys that got arrested in Germany for trying to start a revolution?

Turns out 3 Wongs don't make a Reich.

Hitler, Himmler, Goebbles...

... walks into a bar. Goebbles ask the bartender where the bathroom is. The barkeep says down that hall it's the third Reich.

The Third Reich did bad things, and their anthem is good. The Soviets did bad things, and their anthem is good...

So why isn't the American anthem good?

The third Reich

Why was Hitler's Thousand Year Reich going to be the last one?

Because everyone knows three Reichs and your out.

Why is German the most Important language?

Because you speak it in every third reich.

It's the story of two wealthy men and Hitler

The first rich, the second rich, the third Reich

What do you call a bribed leader of the third reich?

Paid-off Hitler

Why is Hitler so bad at giving directions?

Because all he says is "take the Third Reich"

A mysterious German ghost gives a young man directions.

Make another Reich.

This is the fourth right in a row, you sure you know where we're going?


I have a highly collectible wristwatch from the Third Reich...

It's a Swatch-ticker

What was the Nazis' favorite cereal

Reich Krispies.

What did Hitlers psychiatrist say about him?

There's something not reich with him.

Did you know that Hitler was in dire need of a pedicure while he was leader of the third reich?

He was a toe-talon-aryan

If the Nazis had won WWII and set up the Thousand Year Reich, what would they have called their leader?

*The Kaiser Permanente*

The soviet soldier asked the german how to get to Berlin

Soviet soldier:how do i go to Berlin ?
German: two hundred meters later take the third Reich.

(it was my first english joke ever probably it gonna be the last one sorry for my broken english)

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