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I recently learned that bison of eastern new york who are bullied by bison of the same region mimic the behavior upon the remainder of the community. In other words...

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

A recent joke from eastern Ukraine

Two friends meet, both native Russian speakers – as is everyone in this region – but one speaks Russian, and the other insists on speaking Ukrainian.

Why are you speaking Ukrainian? asks one friend. Are you afraid Ukrainian nationalists will come and kill you?

No, comes the reply. I'm afraid if Putin hears me speaking Russian, he will come to 'protect' my rights!

A biologist, a physicist and a mathematician are on a train...

Looking out the window, they see what appears to be a black sheep.

The biologist says : "Interesting, in this region, sheep are black!"

The physicist says : "Not so fast! We only saw one black sheep!"

The mathematician says : "To be exact, we only saw a sheep that was black on one side."

Region joke, A biologist, a physicist and a mathematician are on a train...

Why was the polar bear at the North Pole?

Polar bears are native to the North Pole region.

What is the saltiest region in League of Legends???


What was the most privileged region conquered by Julius Caesar?

Cis-Alpine Gaul.

Germany used to have a large French speaking region.

It was called France

Region joke, Germany used to have a large French speaking region.

TIL javelins were invented in a region of northern France..

Britanny Spears.

After Ash Ketchum catches them all

in Kanto region, they were really happy for him! So when they wanted to reward him for his mighty success, they decided to build a mall for him. They called it

Ketchum Mall.


And the NA region.

A thing that both French and Germans should do:

Visit the Moscow region in summer, they know it well enough at winter.

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We have little Johnny in Australia too.

Little Johnny walks into the bathroom just as his mother is getting out of the bath.

He points at her nether region and asks "mummy, what's that?"

She thinks quickly and replies "that's where god hit me with his little golden axe."

Little Johnny replies "geez, he got you right in the c**t didn't he"

Why are there regions in England named Wessex, Sussex, Essex and Northumbria?

... because nobody wants to live in a place called Nosex.

Apparently Putin wants to rename a river in the annexed region of Ukraine

Crimea a river

Listen America, we get that you're trying to save your Net Neutrality and all but...

Post not available in your region.

teacher and student joke

teacher: Name two animals that live in a cold region?

student: A polar bear and his wife

Region joke, teacher and student joke

The Regional Marionette Championship was in town last week...

It's famous for being really hard to enter, but I really wanted to compete in it.

Let's just say... I pulled a few strings!

In what region do the most talented cat owners live?

The Catskills

Are you today's date?

Because you look like a delicious fruit indigenous to the fertile crescent region

The Creation Of Sodium

Sodium, atomic number 11, was first isolated by Humphry Davy in 1807. A chemical component of salt, he named it Na in honour of the saltiest region on earth, North America.

My life is the integral of sin(x) evaluated in the region of 0≤x≤2π

It has it ups and down, but in the end, it amounts to 0.

When I travelled across the Middle East, I found the region to be extremely noisy, except for one country.

That country was surprisingly Kuwait.

Did you hear about that region up in India?

Yeah it's totally Sikh

A seductive man walks into a bar and sees a pretty woman.

"Waiter, offer a drink to that girl", the gallant gentleman asked.

"Dude, it's a waste of time. She's a lesbian", the waiter replied.

"Lesbian? But from what region of Lesbia?"

I asked a tattoo artist to tattoo a picture of a pigeon into my pubic region.

He took a look at the picture and agreed to do it for $120.

It looked amazing. So, a couple weeks later, I went back and asked him to give me a matching tattoo on my palm. He looked again at the picture and said, That will be $240.

I said, Why the price jump? You did the exact same design last time for only $120.

He told me, A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Have you ever heard of the Fakawi tribe in Africa?

They are a native group that lives in the African jungle. Average height is only 4'3 but in the region they live the grass is higher than they are. They are a proud group, bouncing through the grass chanting We're the Fakawi, we're the Fakawi.

A guy gave me a badass eagle tattoo in my crotch region for $50.

It looked so sick that I asked him to give me a matching tattoo in the palm of my hand so I could show it to everyone, but he said this one would cost $100. He said, A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

It's only kamikaze if it came from the Kamikaze region in Japan...

Otherwise it's just plane suicide.

Real Porsches...

Real Porsches are from the Porscheaux region of France.

Otherwise they're just sparkling Volkswagens.

You can only call it quarantine if it comes from the Quarantine region in France.

Otherwise it's just sparkling curfew.

They're only called patriots if they come from the Pat region in France

otherwise, they are just sparkling riots

In Europe, they don't call it the "Friend Zone"

They call it the "Pal Region"

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