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Creating a joke is one thing. But delivering it is another.

I think my mother did a commendable job in that regard.

A thief entered a house one mid-afternoon to find...

a couple in the middle of lovemaking. He tied up the woman and at gun-point asked the man to handover all their money and jewellery. The man started sobbing and said, "Brother, take anything you want. But please, untie the rope and let her go." The thief replied, "You must really love your wife, having no regard for your own safety." The man said, "No, she's my neighbour's wife. Mine will be back shortly!"

Al Gore is in the wrong line of work

Some people's names match their careers surprisingly well. Imagine a psychic named Krystal Ball or a stylist named Barbera Cutter.

But Al Gore is a failure in this regard. He had the perfect opportunity to start a math rock band in the 80s or 90s and just chose to not. It should have been fate.

I personally will never let it go that I'll never hear an album from the math rock legends the Al Gore Rhythms.

Regard joke, Al Gore is in the wrong line of work

Heard this from my History Professor.

Ronald Reagan had such high regard for the office of President that his jacket was never off.

Bill Clinton had such high regard for the office of President that his pants were never on.

George Washington wasn't arrogant, but he did predict the $1 bill would contain his likeness.

In that regard, he was on the money.

In India, they regard Bovine creatures as sacred animals.

Holy Cow!

Why do melons hold the traditional ceremony of marriage in such high regard?

Because they can't elope.

Regard joke, Why do melons hold the traditional ceremony of marriage in such high regard?

Why do people regard the middle east as the holy land?

Because they're constantly drilling for oil.

Donald Trump just announced Mike Pence to be his Running Mate.

If Hillary wants to one up Trump in that regard, her running mate should be Mike Tuppence.

"We hold these truths to be self evident,..." It's no wonder so many Americans still lack regard for what's in the Declaration of Independence:

It was written by British subjects.

Putin has issued an official statement in regard to all the Russian diplomat expulsions.

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While standing in line to meet my maker, a guy asked me how I died.

Me: Standard murder suicide in regard to my ex wife.

Guy: Really? I don't see her anywhere here.

Me: I have dyslexia.

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