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Regal Proceedings

If I was royalty, I would have a kid and call him Artist as a publicity stunt, before conceding to the pressure of public outcry, and renaming him something more regal.

So he may forever become known as The Prince Formerly Known As Artist.

One moment Chris D'Elia's the King of Comedy

the next he's barely regal.

Did you hear about the queen of the smuggled American birds? She got sick!

Now she's a regal illegal ill eagle.

Two English men were debating the titles of their forefathers that had been passed down as their fantastic and very aptly regal Surnames.....

"Books has been our history! Books are our pride! Books for ever!" Said Mr. Henry Wordsworth.

"Pottery is our soul... Pottery is our pride! Pottery is the best!" Said Mr. Douglas Potter.

....but neither of them could look on towards the men of the men himself....


I told my Chinese buddy that I bought very cheap cigarettes that were shipped in from a foreign country.

"Is that Regal?", he asked.

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