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What to refugees drink?


who has taken up most refugees

the Mediterranean Sea

The EU has said that more needs to be done to help the Syrian refugees, especially the children.

May I recommend swimming lessons?

Refugees joke, The EU has said that more needs to be done to help the Syrian refugees, especially the children.

Angela Merkel got sad when she heard that she didn't win the Nobel Peace Prize after taking in so many Syrian refugees

So I offered her a tissue πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡Ύ

What do you get when you let 25,000 Syrian refugees into Canada during the winter?


Two Syrian refugees land in America...

They make a bet to see who can become the most American. A year later they meet up for coffee. The first man says " I am so American. I have a hot white wife, a daughter, a house and a well paying job. I drink Budweiser with my friends after work at happy hour. I have come to accept gay marriage as a human right. I joined a bowling league and my average is above 200. What have you done?" The other Syrian looks at him and says " Shut up Towel Head!"

Why was Germany able to accept so many refugees so quickly?

They already had all the camps set up.

Refugees joke, Why was Germany able to accept so many refugees so quickly?

What do refugees and black humour have in common?

They are crossing borders and some people feel offended by them.

Refugees do the jobs no one wants to do.

Like being a suicide bomber.

Why don't Syrian Refugees play baseball?

because they don't know where home is

All the refugees at the Olympics are competing in Track & Field.

I guess the ones that weren't good at running didn't make it.

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Why are refugees bad at math?

They refuse to integrate.

Whats the first word a swede says after its born?

wouaaa wouaaa wu wu welcome refugees

Two refugees meet in europe

One asks the other: "how did you get out of Iraq"

He responds: "I ran"

How does Germany pay for all these refugees?


Dear Muslim refugees: just pretend to be Christian.

That's what most Christians do anyways.

Refugees joke, Dear Muslim refugees: just pretend to be Christian.

I heard Starbucks is trying to hire a lot more refugees

Those poor art majors are going to suffer, then

Two refugees are waiting in line to get into the US...

Two refugees are waiting in line to get into the US, one says "screw this line, I'm going to shoot Trump". He leaves for a while and then comes back to resume his place in line. The other guy says "so, did you do it?" He says "no, the line there was even longer than this one."

Refugees in Germany

So, a German girl is being raped by 12 men. She cries out "Nein Nein!" So three of them left.ο»Ώ - Big Dickinson

Why are refugees so bad at baseball?

Because they can't get home

The EU doesn't have to worry about refugees anymore

It now has 1 GB of Free Space.

Not mine OBVIOUSLY, but I don't think it has been posted here.

Im at a rally and the guy on stage asks

"What washes up on beaches?"

I heckle, "refugees"

He wanted "microwaves"

Which part of Europe took in the most refugees?

The Mediterranean sea

You know, I agree with Trump about refugees...

...we can't just let all of these Syrians come into America and take all of our Mexican people's jobs!

Who took in more refugees than Germany?

Of which city does the number of refugees double in every year?


What do you call refugees in Germany?

Alternative energy.

I just put up my Republican nativity scene.

Of course I had to remove the Arabs, the Jews, the anchor baby, and the refugees, so all that's left is one jackass and a bunch of sheep.

Americans should be afraid of refugees

...because one of them might end up doing a mass shooting. Just to fit in.

ps. It's a Frankie Boyle joke.


So one day, two refugees made it into the UK

What do my jokes and refugees have in common?

They are not always received well

I recently started working for a charity that convinces local supermarkets to give us their expiring baked goods to donate to refugees and the local homeless. We're working in conjunction with local churches to help distribute donations. All of us are there voluntarily, after all..

It's a naan-prophet organization.

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