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What do hospitals and refrigerators have in common?

If you pull the plug, the vegetables start to decompose.

A British man in a Jag is broke down on the side of the road

When the tow truck comes and the driver sees the Jag, he says "Hey you know why the British like warm beer?"

The Jag driver with a complete deadpan look says "I dunno. Why...?"

And the truck driver laughs and says "Because Lucas makes refrigerators too!"

The girls I talk to are all refrigerators

It's not because they're fat, but because they're always running!

Refrigerators joke, The girls I talk to are all refrigerators

Need a joke about a refrigerator for work

I work in a refrigerator manufacturing plant and am giving a presentation next week. I would like to start out the presentation with a joke to lighten the mood. Anyone have any short, clean jokes about refrigerators?

What is the difference between a refrigerator and little children?

Refrigerators don't scream and cry when I put my meat in it.

So, I got one of those new Smart Refrigerators and gave it some verbal commands

But it iced me.

Your government in action

Management ordered refrigerators be installed in the datacenter before the Easter code freeze

Refrigerators joke, Your government in action

You can say what all you want about refrigerators

It's the all good on the inside that really counts.

Office fridge clean out jokes

I'm running low on dad jokes about refrigerators Bc this is weekly thing.

Why did Americans put screens on refrigerators?

so they can find them

Some people are like Refrigerators..

.. Bad at analogy.

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Always switch off appliances that you're not using in the night. Exceptions are refrigerators and life support...

Otherwise you'll be wasting a lot of vegetables.

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