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What are some Refreshing jokes?

I love the smell of my f5 key...

It is very refreshing

It's refreshing to see a President keeping his campaign promises.

Although I'm not entirely sure rotating people through the cabinet counts as creating jobs but the effort is certainly present.

*In the ER* "We're losing him, anyone have any ideas?"

"How about 50 cc's of a cool refreshing beverage?"

"Dammit Dr. Pepper not now!"

I like pressing f5.

It's so refreshing.

There's something about pressing F5...

Thats just so refreshing

I don't know why everyone is afraid of an F5 tornado...

It's just a refreshing breeze!

I love pressing the F5 button

It's so refreshing

I love the F5 key...

It's very refreshing.

I just got my F5 key working again.

It's really refreshing!

I love hitting F5...

It's so refreshing

I spent the last hour repeatedly pressing F5

It's pretty refreshing.

Another Irish joke involving beer

While attending the World Beer Conference, the CEOs of Anhueser-Busch, Coors, and Guiness went out to eat together. When the waitress asked them what they would like to drink, the CEO of Anhueser-Busch replied, "Get me a Budweiser, the king of beers!" Not to be outdone, the Coors CEO told her, "I want a Coors. It's as refreshing as a Rocky Mountain spring!" The waitress turned to the Guiness CEO, who ordered a Diet Coke. Surprised, his companions asked why he hadn't ordered a Guiness. Smiling, he told them, "I figured if you fellows weren't going to have a beer, I shouldn't either."

The CEOs of Budweiser, Coors, Killian's, and Guinness walk into a bar....

...and the bartender takes orders. The CEO of Budweiser says "I'll take a Bud Light. It's crisp, refreshing, and doesn't hurt the budget!"

The bartender moves down the line. The CEO of Coors says "I'll take a Coors light. It's colder, even more refreshing, and won't give you a beer gut!"

The bartender moves down the line. The CEO of Killian's says "These guys are amateurs, give me a Killian's Irish Red. It's smooth, flavorful, and distinct!"

The bartender moves down the line. The CEO of Guinness says "I'll have a water."

The others give a confused look. The bartender says "but... why aren't you ordering a beer?"

He responds, "well, nobody else did."

Off With The Panties

Two neighbor women are taking their weekly walk together, when one of the women begins to complain about the heat.

The other lady states, "I took my panties off three blocks ago, and now I'm much cooler. You should really try it." "I don't know. That seems kind of weird, but I guess I'll try it" the first lady replied.

After a couple blocks, she confesses that the wind making its way up her skirt is refreshing indeed.

Two blocks later, the women notice another woman sitting on her porch, eating watermelon. The woman is also wearing a skirt, and undoubtedly has no underwear on.

The first lady exclaims "Isn't it so much cooler to sit outside with no panties on?!" The woman replies "I don't know about being cooler, but it sure keeps the flies away from the watermelon!"

A man walks into a bar....

and sees that the bars special drink is called the F5.So the guy walks up to the bartender and asks about why the drink is called the F5. The bartender responds,"Oh that's because it's so refreshing"

A new energy drink called F5 just came out, It's super refreshing!

A rabbit escapes a laboratory

Upon running away he stumbles across a group of rabbits in a field. The leader welcomes him and says 'the outside world isn't like the lab, you can do what you want here, try some of the grass'. The grass tasted like nothing the rabbit had tasted before, it was so refreshing and tasty. He then went around mating with all the female rabbits all day. At the end of the day the leader saw the rabbit running back to the lab and he said 'what are you doing? I thought you loved it here', the rabbit said 'yes I do, but I'm dying for a cigarette'.

A nurse runs up to a doctor

"Doctor, Doctor!" she exclaims. "This patient's blood sugar is crashing!"

"This calls for a cool refreshing beverage!" says the doctor.

The nurse says, "Dr. Pepper! not now."

Has anyone had a glass of F5 lately?

It's so refreshing.

A man in a business suit walks into a bar during normal working hours

He yells "Barkeep! I'll have a shot and a beer"

Bartender pours his drinks and slides them over to the man.

The man pounds the shot and takes a sip of his beer. He smiles at the barkeeper and says, "That's certainly refreshing after the day I've had"

The Bartender replies, "I was wondering why a man in a suit like yours was drinking in a bar like mine at 2pm"

The man replies, "I just got laid off from my job as store manager selling European luxury goods. Whole store is shutting down"

The bartender says, "I'm sorry to hear that; but you seem to still be in good spirits"

The man shrugs and says, "Well when one Dior closes; another opens"

What did the Israelite say to the american when offering him a drink?

"Here, try this, Israeli refreshing!"

I Googled a picture of purified water.

It's still refreshing.

A priest and a rabbi go for a walk...

A rabbi and a catholic priest are going for a walk on a hot summer's day, when they pass a little pool in the midst of a forest.
The rabbi suggests: "Hey let's hop in here so we can refresh ourselves!"
- "But I don't even have trunks with me", the priest answered.
"Me neither", the rabbi says, "so let's just jump in there naked."

After short hesitation the priest finally agrees with him, so both take a refreshing dip in the water.
When they exit the pool some minutes later, they suddenly notice a bunch of wanderers of their community approaching.
Immediately, the rabbi covers his face with his hands whereas the priest hides his genitals.

After the wanderers disappeared, the wondering priest asks the rabbi:
"Why would you hide your face, rabbi?"
The rabbi answers: "Well, MY community recognizes me by my face."

I made a line of soda called Bad Wifi

It's not doing so well, everyone keeps saying it isn't refreshing.

My friends say that too much of today's news can be discouraging--they say my habit of constantly reloading the CNN app will make me depressed.

but I think it's refreshing.

Have you tried Gatorade's newest sports drink, F5?

It's very refreshing

My website wouldn't show up, so i had to reload it

you can say it was pretty refreshing

So my gay brother got married...

It was refreshing to see him on one knee instead of two.

I asked a girl if her face is sitting on F5

Because it Hz that she's so refreshing.

Why do new comic books smell so refreshing?

Because they're in mint condition.

My High School had a nap time class

It was great, every day it was so refreshing to get some sleep after lunch. But in order to get the class approved by the school district it had to have an official sounding name. So the school called it Math.

What's a nice, refreshing summer drink often sold by Russian children?

Leninade: The People's Drink

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