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How does Stephen Hawking refresh after a long day?


It's refreshing to see a President keeping his campaign promises.

Although I'm not entirely sure rotating people through the cabinet counts as creating jobs but the effort is certainly present.

How does Steven Hawking refresh after a long work day?


(sorry Imgoingtohellforthis)

Refresh joke, How does Steven Hawking refresh after a long work day?

Donald Trump has his daily intelligence briefing.

"We're almost done, Mr. President-Elect," says the man conducting the briefing, "just one more small piece of information."

"Bring it on."

"5 Brazilian soldiers were killed last night"

"That certainly isn't a good thing," replies Trump, "but if you don't mind, could you refresh my memory on one thing?"

"Of course, Mr. Trump, what do you need?"

"How many is a Brazilian?"

Someone insulted me on my monitor's refresh rate,

right where it hertz.

What does a webpage do after a stressful day?


Why did the man keep reloading the picture of the candy cane at the potluck?

He was in charge of refresh mints.

Refresh joke, Why did the man keep reloading the picture of the candy cane at the potluck?

Someone refresh me

What does the F5 key do?

Want to know how to keep an idiot busy for hours?

*error loading content please hit refresh on your web browser*

What does a nerd do when he's hot?

F5! F5! F5!


Why was the refreshment table not very funny?

Because there was no punchline

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