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PSA: This year, lets refrain from the 'I haven't taken a shower since last year!' jokes.

Please and thank you.

The CDC said to refrain from hand shakes.

Jeffrey Dahmer immediately bummed as he turns off the blender

I'm writing a book on reverse psychology.

When it becomes available, please refrain from purchasing it.

Refrain joke, I'm writing a book on reverse psychology.

In Vermont an old man is sitting in his rocking chair on his porch, quietly smoking a pipe.

A tourist who is staying at a nearby B&B passes by every day for a week, and whenever he passes, the man is just sitting there in his rocking chair quietly smoking his pipe.

One day the tourist cannot refrain from asking the old man: "Say, have you been sitting here all your life, doing nothing but smoking your pipe?"

Says the old man: "Not yet!"

A woman enters in the doctor's office and starts explaining her problem...

"I have a very bad habit, every time I'm alone in a room with someone from the opposite gender, I cannot refrain from having sex with him. What's my disease? Does it have a name?"

"Yes, answered the doctor while removing his belt, it's called great news."

What do you call a crazy song chorus about Chinese food?

An Insane lo main refrain

Sometimes when I'm singing a song a get an urge to skip the chorus...

But I always refrain

Refrain joke, Sometimes when I'm singing a song a get an urge to skip the chorus...

If Dora the Explorer were pansexual...

Would that make her Pandora?

(It's a kids show... Let refrain from box jokes in the comments.)

Did you hear about the poet who persisted, even though he was terrible?

He just couldn't refrain.

These days I refrain from self-deprecating humor

because I'm too fearful of offending myself

I'll refrain from making any jokes about the Ashley Madison controversy. They're such an easy target, it might be considered cheating.

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