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The gay marriage referendum was just passed in Ireland.

The number of married gay Irish couples will be Dublin.

The England team won't be voting in the referendum

They can never find the box let alone put a cross in it.

The UK is leaving the EU and because of that, Scotland is moving for another Independence Referendum...

So the english are going to get away scot free!

Referendum joke, The UK is leaving the EU and because of that, Scotland is moving for another Independence Referendum

So did you hear that the Colombians voted in a referendum to continue their war?

I was like FARC me . . . .

What's the plural of "Referendum"?


Britain's got pretty racist since the referendum;

I was behind a Latvian couple in Tesco yesterday and the lady behind the checkout asked if they wanted any help packing...

Since yesterday, more than 2 million Brits have called for a new EU referendum...

That's what you get when Donald Trump says you made the right choice.

Referendum joke, Since yesterday, more than 2 million Brits have called for a new EU referendum...

A recent study shows that 51.9% of the UK are under educated.

It was called the EU referendum.

Scotland highly likely to have another independence referendum

"If at first you don't secede, try again."

Sturgeon and Salmond are calling for a referendum

Something Fishy is going on over in Scotland.

What's the difference between a football match and a referendum?

In a football match, the best team wins.

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Did you know there is a referendum in India to legalize gang rape?

Forecasts predict that 9/10 will vote 'yes'.

Ever since the EU referendum, David Cameron has become more friendly than ever..

People say he's really outgoing

Nigel Farage isn't too happy about the result of the EU Referendum.

Leave won by a minority.

Rick Astley voted in the referendum.

He's never gunna give EU up

The EU referendum

I liken the EU referendum to being in a pitch black room with two men in a mandatory rape scenario with both of them telling you theirs is the smallest.

Referendum joke, The EU referendum

There's a lot of talk surrounding the EU referendum at the moment. We've already heard from the boss' of JCB and Dyson; I'm just waiting to hear from Durex and their opinions on us pulling out.

Russian referendum.

Russia initiates a referendum in Crimea about returning Crimea back to Russia. Ukraine initiates a referendum about returning Kaliningrad to Germany, Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands to Japan, Kazan - to Tatar, Karelia - to Finland, Siberia to Yakuts, and everything situated east from Ural mountains - to ingenious people.

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