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  1. Did you hear about the actress that stabbed her husband at dinner? Reese something.... Witherspoon?
    No with her knife!!!!
  2. Y'all hear that Reese whatever her name is stabbed herself? Dave: Witherspoon?

    Mike: Nah, with a knife.
  3. Man 1: Did you hear that famous actress was stabbed? Man 2: No, who was it?
    Man 1: Reese...oh what's her name...
    Man 2: Witherspoon?
    Man 1: No, it was with a knife.
  4. Dad: Did you hear about the celebrity that killed her husband? Dad: Her name was Reese...
    Son: Witherspoon?
    Dad: No, with her knife.
  5. Did you hear about the Hollywood actress that got murdered...? Person 1: Her name was Reese, errr, Reese, Reese whatshername...
    Person 2: Witherspoon?
    Person 1: No, with a knife.
  6. If they had to dig their way out of a prison cell, who would be faster: Ann Widdecombe, or Reese Witherspoon?
  7. About an actress. Did you hear about that actress who killed her husband? Reese something...
    No Witherknife.
  8. Some blonde chick was in my house holding something the other day... ...turns out it was just Reese Witherspoon
  9. Did you hear that famous blonde haired actress has been stabbed? She's called Reese, Erm... Witherspoon?
    No, with a knife.
  10. A man came up to me at work and asked if I had heard of the Actress that was killed.. I said Who?
    Actually, with her knife
    Day = Made

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Reese Witherspoon One Liners

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  1. How does Reese eat her ice cream? Witherspoon
  2. Reese never needs any cutlery... Because she's Witherspoon.
  3. What's the best way to eat Reese's puffs? Witherspoon
  4. How does Reese eat her cereal? Witherspoon!
  5. How did Reese die while eating cereal? Witherspoon
  6. How does Reese eat her soup? Witherspoon
  7. How do you eat your Reese's? Witherspoon
  8. How did Reese get so fat Witherspoon
  9. Luke ate the dessert with his fork. Reese Witherspoon.
  10. Have you guys heard about Reese Witherspoon? I Hershey is in a new movie.
  11. If Reese Witherspoon married Bill Withers ...she'd have to give up the p**....

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Did you hear about that celebrity who committed s**...? Reese whatsername?

"No, with a knife!"
Only really works if you actually tell it to someone (and can maintain a good pokerface)

Did You Hear about That Celebrity that got stabbed..

"Reese Witherspoon?"
No, With a Knife.

Did you hear about that actress that murdered her husband?

Reese...I can't remember her last name. She was in the Johnny Cash movie...
No...of course not! She used a knife!

Did you hear about that celebrity who got stabbed? Reese-Something?

"No, with a knife! How do you kill someone with a spoon?"

Did you hear about that actress that killed herself? Reese whatsername?

No, she did it with a knife.

Did you hear that actress from Legally Blonde was stabbed?

Me: Yeah. She was stabbed in California, in broad day light. The one from legally blonde. Reese....Something.... with-er... um...with-uh... ..ummm...
Friend: Witherspoon?
Me: No. With a knife.

This cracked me up at work tonight!

Did you hear about the famous actress that slit her t**... tonight?
What's her name?
Reese Witherspoon?
No with a knife

Reese Witherspoon?

Ken: Did you hear about that famous actress who got stabbed outside her car today? Reese something?
You: Witherspoon?
Ken: No with a knife

"Did you hear about that actress who stabbed her husband in the news today?"

"Oh my goodness, no, who was it?"
"It was a little blonde haired woman, I always forget her last name though. The first name is Reese."
"No, with her knife."

"I just heard that that one actress from Legally Blonde, Reese... 'whatever her last name is' got stabbed to death walking to her car last night."

"No, with a knife."

Did you hear about that Reese lady?

Guy 1: Hey, did you here about that celebrity that stabbed some poor guy to death? What was her name, Reese... Reese Wither... Wither...
Guy 2: Witherspoon?
Guy 1: No, with her knife.
Classic that I haven't seen for awhile

I told my friend some actress named Reese was stabbed yesterday.

He asked "Witherspoon?"
I said "Naw, with a knife"

Did you hear about the actress that was on the news that stabbed her husband 67 times?

You: "Did you hear about the actress that was on the news that stabbed her husband 67 times with a fork? Her name was Reese ... uhm ..."
Friend: "Witherspoon?
You: "No, with a fork."

"Hey, some actress named Reese tried to kill herself last night."

"No. With a knife."

"Did you hear about that actress who killed her self?"

"Did you hear about that actress who killed herself? Her name was Reese something-or-other... I don't remember."
"No, no... with her knife."
A joke my 5th grade teacher told me years ago

My mom just told me this one

Mom: did you hear about the actress that stabbed her husband?!?
Me: really? Who?
Mom: I can't remember her name, it was Reese something...
Me: Witherspoon?
Mom: no, with her knife

Did you hear about Reese whatever-her-name-is stabbing herself?

Person 2: Witherspoon?
Me: No with a knife silly.

*Dad joke ALERT*

DAD: I was just listening to the radio on my way in to town, apparently an actress just killed herself.
MOM: Oh my! Who!?
DAD: Uh, I can't remember... I think her name was Reese something?
DAD: No, it was with a knife...

My fiancé came home with this gem…

Him: Did you hear about the actress that stabbed herself? It was all over the news, can't remember her name…Reese something…
Me: o**..., Witherspoon??
Him: No, with a knife.
He got me good.