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Redskins have officially changed their name

They will now be known as the Red, White and Blue Skins, but shortened to the Redskins


Hockey has the Blues.

Football has the Browns.

Baseball has the Reds.

What does basketball have?






The Blacks.

Doctor I feel like a snooker table...

"It may be your diet, what have you eaten?"
"3 reds, a yellow and a pink!"
"ah there's your problem, you're not getting enough greens"

Reds joke, Doctor I feel like a snooker table...

There are a bunch of people shouting "No Reds or Yellows!" outside my gym

I can't tell if they are supporting Trump or Team Mystic

How do the Redskins keep their name?

Make a deal with Planters and put Mr. Peanut on the helmet.

I can't see this whole racism thing. I can't see whites, blacks, browns, reds or even yellows.

I do have a cane though.

RedSox has a AAA farm team the PawSoxs

The team is in Pawtucket RI. They wanted to move to Cumberland RI, thankfully they lost the bid.

Reds joke, RedSox has a AAA farm team the PawSoxs

The Redskins were murdered today in New Orleans

Wouldn't be the first time they got murdered around Columbus Day.

The Redskins are currently getting destroyed on MNF

Wouldn't be the first time they got destroyed on Columbus Day.

America is really good at fighting red things.

We fought Redcoats in the Revolutionary War, the Reds in the Cold War, and Rednecks in the Civil War.

What's a communist's favorite baseball team?

The Reds

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The last time the Reds had a collapse this big

West and East Berlin became united

What does Neil Degrasse Tyson call orgies...

...the big bang

courtesy of reds

The Reds are going to The Series this year.

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