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Red neck decision making

A redneck family has already 4 kids when the husband announces to the wife that he will get a vasectomy.

Perplex to understand his sudden decision the wife asks him why. He replied i read that 1 in every 5 Americans is Hispanic, and I cannot bear the risk of getting one into this family

A worker at the Taxidermy Department Store notices some damage to a couple of grizzly exhibits

The front right leg on each of the works has been removed.

The worker sprints to the front of the store to alert his manager of the vandalism. On his way, he spies a redneck carrying the missing appendages.

"SIR!" the worker shouts. "You have damaged valuable pieces of merchandise. Exit the store. IMMEDIATELY!"

"Why?" drawls the redneck innocently. "I have the right two bear arms!"

What do gay bars and redneck bars have in common?

Stuffed bears.

What's a gay redneck's favorite activity?

Bear hunting.

Bumperstickers for redneck bears

Smells like fish, eat all you wish

Ain't be rapin' if they be hibernatin'

Grubs, stubs, bugs - Nobody rides for free

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