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  1. Reddit should rename 'share' to 'spreddit', 'delete' to 'shreddit' and 'karma' to 'creddit'. Yet they haven't. I don't geddit.
  2. A Suggestion to Reddit HQ Reddit should rename 'share' to 'spreddit', 'delete' to 'shreddit' and 'karma' to 'creddit'. Yet they haven't. I don't geddit.
  3. A Republican Senator and a Democratic Senator are drowning and you can only save one. Do you... A: Have lunch.
    B: Browse reddit.
  4. Reddit's logo should be a bit more green. To symbolize the amount of reused and recycled content.
  5. [ Removed by Reddit ] [ Removed by reddit on account of violating the [content policy](/help/contentpolicy). ]
  6. I'm pleased to announce Reddit has achieved its goal in becoming one of the top 10 green companies in the world! The front page is now made up of over 90% recycled content
  7. Every day, my teacher reads a joke from Reddit to start the class, but today she is absent. So instead, a subreddit.
  8. It's a good thing Elon didn't acquire Reddit, otherwise (Your post was removed by Reddit admins, and your account was suspended)
  9. I was so excited to show my teacher my Reddit joke, but sadly she wasn't in today, so... ...the subreddit.
  10. Reddit is possibly the most environmentally conscious site on the internet. Nearly 100% of the content is recycled at some point, often several times.

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Reddit joke, Reddit is possibly the most environmentally conscious site on the internet.

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  1. What did the Reddit user say after setting off a bomb in a bank?
  2. It's my Cakeday! 8 Years on Reddit! My life is the joke.
  3. I wish I hadn't downloaded Reddit. I regreddit.
  4. Friend: "how hard is it to get upvotes on reddit?" I told him it was a piece of cake.
  5. The best part about Reddit karma is, if you know what you're doing, it's a piece of cake.
  6. How easy is it to tell a joke 1 year after joining Reddit? A piece of cake.
  7. I just read the funniest joke on Reddit... For the thousandth time.
  8. Whenever I see a joke on this sub I feel like I've reddit before
  9. How many morons does it take to read a reddit post? Just one.
    Thanks for reading.
  10. How difficult is it to get undeserved upvotes on reddit jokes? Piece of cake
  11. Why are there two "d"s in Reddit? The second one's a repost.
  12. What does a socially awkward and depressed frog say? Reddit.!
  13. Coming up with a good Reddit post is usually pretty hard. But today it's a piece of cake!
  14. 3 reddit mods walk in a bar. The bar collapses
  15. How to get karma on reddit? Piece of cake.

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  • Just came up with a dadjoke but I'm too afraid to post… Because you probably have Redd-it already.
  • I used to rip off famous comedians' jokes to post on Reddit for easy karma. I still do, but I used to, too.
  • What kind of car is the same frontward and backward? A Toyota.
    First post ever on Reddit. I hope I did it right.
  • What do you call an average radio? Stereo typical
    My thirteen-year-old came up with this and I promised to post it to Reddit.
  • I heard people are getting paid to mention companies and do product placement in their Reddit posts! That's almost as crazy as the discounts at Jez's Furniture Emporium. Sale this weekend
  • I was going to post a joke I have seen here before, ... But I figure you guys already Reddit.
  • I was going to post a joke about abortion But Reddit killed it before I could deliver it
  • How often are chemistry jokes posted to reddit? Periodically
  • Why is Reddit named Reddit? [OC] Because all the posts are reposts and you've already read it
  • Reddit banned me from commenting on posts about trains. .
    They said I kept derailing the discussion.

Reddit User Jokes

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  • How does a Reddit user get karma when they don't deserve it? Piece of cake
  • A Reddit user robs a bank. Thanks for the gold, kind stranger!
  • How do you confuse a reddit user? You post a brand new joke.
  • Well known fact. 95% of reddit users are sad lonely wankers....
    The other 5% are liars.......
  • What is the most surprising, deranging, and panicking thing for a reddit user ? Unprepared blue cheese.

Reddit Mods Jokes

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  • Why did Reddit mods take down Darwin's theory of evolution post? The link was missing
  • What do you call cancer when it achieves sentience? A reddit mod.
    (doubt this will prevent it form being deleted and myself banned, but this 'attack' is quite impersonal)
  • [OC] Which road is most favourite of reddit mods ?

    The Autobahn .
  • What does a Reddit mod and a hipster have in common? Mods self-isolated before it was cool.
Reddit joke, What does a Reddit mod and a hipster have in common?

Cheeky Reddit Jokes that Will Make You and Your Friends Chuckle

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Top Reddit posters should use their karma to help the envioronment

They are already experts at recycling.

Ask Reddit be like "If you could have s**... with any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be?"

I'd choose alive. w**....

I searched Reddit and this joke hasn't been posted.

USPS came out with a Donald Trump stamp. They were Yugely popular at first, but suddenly went out of circulation, because they wont stick to the envelopes.
This enraged the president, and he demanded a full investigation, blamed the democrats and JINA and the lame-stream media.

After months of testing, costing $2.65 billion in congressional spending and firing of 25+ people, the special prosecutor appointed by Trump presented the following findings.
* The stamps have no manufacturing defects.
* There is nothing wrong with the adhesive.
* People are spitting on the wrong side of the stamp.

What's the difference between Reddit and the north pole?

The north pole doesn't have as many snowflakes.

An ant walks into this Reddit sub.

The bar is set really low here.

Reddit Karma is a lot like s**...

It's easier to get if you lie about having cancer

A Redditor asks another Redditor what the best way to get karma is...

The experienced Redditor says: "It's a piece of cake."

Today is my first cake day which means

My Reddit account is older than most anti-vax kids will ever be.

Reddit, no matter how much I love cake...

...I would never dessert you.

A redditor is defusing a bomb.

Reddit is the most eco-friendly website

Everything here gets reused a million times

I logged on to Reddit today and was promised Fame, Fortune, and Women

The cake was a lie.

Knock Knock

Knock knock
Who's there?
Mary who?
Mary Christmas!
Knock knock.
Who's there?
Anna who?
Anna happy new year!
Merry Christmas and a happy new year, Reddit :)

Today I asked a hot girl at the gym what her New Year's resolution was

She replied, "to get people on reddit to quit repeating the same s**... joke."

Reddit has gone fully green to help the environment.

Their front page is made of 100% recycled material.

I made a pencil with two erasers.

It was pointless...
PS: I actually didn't, but it's my favourite bad joke, and it's my cake day, so I can do whatever I want!
Edit #1: If you didn't see my comment somehow, I feel scammed, because at the time of posting this, I yet had like 2 hours of my cake day left. I guess Reddit doesn't use European time...
Edit #2: I feel honoured to receive my first award ever!

Why did the Proud Boy check on his sad friend?

To make sure his friend was feeling... alt-right.
Feel free to downvote me to reddit h**......

To Non-USA Redditor's

You all thought trying to enjoy Reddit without enduring US politics was hard?
Welcome to 2021 where we introduce you to our stock market!

Men of reddit, does sunset give you an e**...?

Because morning would.

Two redditors walk into a bar.

"Well technically," the first argues, "it is a Pub since it serves food."
"Actually," the second says, "it is a Saloon since it is a part of a hotel."
Neither remembers the point of this post.

What did the Redditor say when the bombs he placed in the bank finally exploded?

Woah, this blew up! Thanks for the gold!

Globally over 99% of asphalt is recycled. It is the second most recycled material in the world, after jokes on reddit

Globally over 99% of asphalt is recycled. It is the second most recycled material in the world, after jokes on reddit

How can you tell if a Redditor isn't a native English speaker?

They'll inform you after three paragraphs of professional English.

My doctor asked if I was s**... active.

I answered "I use Reddit" and he put down no.

What did the redditor say after robbing a jewellery store?

How do you know a redditor is not a native english speaker?

They'll apologize for potential mistakes after 10 paragraphs of perfect english

You'd think going an entire year without celebrating joining Reddit would be tough but it's actually

A piece of cake.

What does a redditor say when he detonates a bank vault?

Wow, this blew up. Thanks for the gold.

How many Redditors does it take to tell one joke?

Just one. Unfortunately, they don't know this.

The Library

This is one of my favorite jokes that NOBODY ever thinks is funny. It is funnier when spoken, but since I have no friends, Reddit will have to do.
Here it goes:
A guy walks into a library. He strolls up to the counter and looks at the librarian dead in the eyes and screams MA'AM I'LL HAVE A CHEESEBURGER A LARGE FRY AND A LARGE MILKSHAKE PLEASE!!!
The librarian shushes him and sternly says in a whisper, Sir! This is a library!
The man immediately apologizes and whispers,
So sorry, I'll have a cheeseburger a large fry and a large milkshake please

What's the difference between my Wife and my Reddit account?

After nine years…..
Reddit still s**...…

A redditor answers the door to find a salesman who's selling encyclopedias

"I don't need those," says the redditor. "I'm very well-informed."
"Oh, that's fortuitous!" replies the salesman, "Just think of how much fun you'll have sifting through them and finding all the errors!"

Redditors are very environmentally aware

More than half the content on the front page is recycled

A man is buying a banana, an apple and two eggs. The female cashier says: "You must be single." The man answers: "Wow, how did you know that?"

"I saw you browsing reddit on your phone" she replied.

What did the redditor say after a stranger gave him a piece of explosive gold?

Thanks for the gold, kind stranger

I uninstalled Facebook as i got depressed of seeing my friends post their relationship and marriage

I uninstalled LinkedIn as i got depressed of seeing my colleague post their job change and promotion
I uninstalled instagram as i got depressed of seeing my friends travel and enjoy their lives.
But I'll never uninstall reddit because you guys are more miserable than me .

The Mrs. says I'm spending too much time browsing Reddit and not enough with her.

Guess I gotta work on my lurk-wife balance.

A soldier survived mustard gas in battle, And then Pepper Spray by the police, He's now a seasoned veteran.

First time on this sub reddit so don't have a lot of experience

What did the pirate say to the Reddit poster?


I can't stand reading unoriginal jokes on reddit

Thankfully, I spend most of the day sat down.

Why does reddit hates fencing?

Because of all the riposting.


While you are reading jokes on reddit, I am sitting here in a chair that costs $2,000, hugging a stuffed animal that costs $150 and watching the Ant Man Quantumania movie on a 100" full HD 8k TV that costs $8,000 and nothing bothers me, not even the look of the furniture store employees who apparently want me to leave the store.

Chicken at the library

A chicken walks into a library and up to the front desk. "Buk" says the chicken. So the librarian gives her a book. The chicken leaves with the book and comes back 5 minutes later. "Buk" she says. So the librarian gives her another book. This happens 8 more times, until finally the librarian goes on a break outside the library, around the back where there is a pond. She sees the chicken is standing on the edge of the pond throwing books at a frog on a lilypad.
"Buk buk" says the chicken. "reddit reddit" says the frog.
I'll see myself out.

Reddit joke, I was so excited to show my teacher my Reddit joke, but sadly she wasn't in today, so...

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