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We should've known communism would fail.

There were a lot of red flags.

My boyfriend keeps talking about overthrowing capitalism in a violent revolution

Could this be a red flag?

I just don't get how the german people could fall for Hitler and the Nazis

There were an awful lot of red flags.

I dumped my last girlfriend because she was a communist.

I should've known sooner. There were red flags everywhere.

My girlfriend's red flags wouldn't have bothered me so much

....if they didn't have swastikas on them.

We should've known about the failure of communism

In retrospect, there were a lot of red flags...

I broke up with my girlfriend after 5 years, after I found she was a communist.

I should have known, there were red flags everywhere

No one should have been surprised by the rise of the USSR after World War II.

I mean, there were red flags everywhere.

I should've known my boyfriend was a communist.

There were plenty of red flags.

TIL the American flag on the moon has turned into the French flag.

Due to solar radiation, the red and blue pigment has disappeared, leaving the flag to be completely white.

I should have known my friend was a communist.

All the red flags were there.

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What are the two problems with the French flag?

The red bit and the blue bit.

Just found out I was dating a commie

Guess I should've noticed the red flags earlier

Stalin should have known that Communism wouldn't work.

I mean, there were red flags everywhere.

My girlfriend left me because of my unhealthy obsession with USSR memorabilia...

She said there were too many red flags!

A girl I was dating invited me over to her place. When I went into her room, she had a Soviet banner draped on her wall. I left immediately.

It was a big red flag.

What do you get if you take off the red dot on the Japanese flag?

The French flag!

I just found out my best friend is a communist. To be honest, I should have known.

All the red flags were there.

Why did the girl not want to date the communist?

He was waving a lot of red flags.

Communism's fall shouldn't have come as a surprise

There were many red flags

I ended things with my communist girlfriend.

Too many red flags.

I once dated a girl from Tunisia

Her dad was from Trinidad and Tobago and her mum was from Morocco. Broke up with her in the end though. Too many red flags

I should've known my girlfriend was a communist...

There were so many red flags.

I broke up with my girlfriend because she wanted me to cosplay as Lenin

I should've known, there were red flags everywhere.

I broke up with my girlfriend after she told me she was a communist.

In retrospect, I should have seen all the red flags

Stalin should've known communism was a bad thing

There were red flags everywhere

The Philippines is the only country in the world who turns its flag upside down during times of war

while French people remove the red and blue colour

I don't date Chinese girls...

That's a big red flag for me...

My girlfriend is weirdly obsessed with the Soviet Union.

And for me, that's a major red flag.

After a fun night, he invited me to his place. But then I realized he was a communist.

I should've seen the red flags.

I just started dating this girl and there have been several red flags...

...but I guess that just comes with the territory when dating a communist.

I broke up with my girlfriend because I found out she is a communist.

I should have known. There were red flags everywhere.

TIL people who are color blind have the highest rates of divorce.

They can't see the red flags.

I'm curious about the French flag.

When did they add the blue and red stripes?

It was obvious that Communism would fail.

There were just so many red flags.

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