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Request: Jokes for my five year old son

My son is starting to get into jokes and it's surprisingly difficult to find joke books that are appropriate for his age. Most recycle old jokes with outdated references that he doesn't even understand. Some of the references are so musty I don't even get them. Does anyone have good jokes/riddles I can pass along?

What does a Gipsy first do when on a computer?

He checks in the recycle bin

Joan Rivers was not available for cremation...

They had to recycle her instead.

Recycle joke, Joan Rivers was not available for cremation...

What's worse than finding a dead baby in the garbage can?

Finding a dead baby in the recycle bin.

What's an environmentalist's favorite part of a computer?

The recycle bin.

Let's say you use recycled Van Halen CDs as part of the infrastructure of a large town...

...does that mean you built the city on rock and roll?

I can't believe people say people who don't believe in climate change don't care about the environment.

Just look how well they recycle their arguments!

Recycle joke, I can't believe people say people who don't believe in climate change don't care about the environme

Hey Girl, do you recycle?

Because I'd love to crush that box and leave you by the curb tomorrow morning.

The other day I took a dump, then did some drugs, then went for a bike ride.

Then I saw an environmental poster that said "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" - so I did it all over again.

Sweden runs out of trash to recycle...

... Where's PewDiePie when you need him.

Me: I hate all of the trash jokes in this sub.

Friend: They're not trash, they're *recycle*.

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Who is the most popular guy on a nude beach?

The guy carrying two cups of coffee and a dozen doughnuts.

*ba dum dishhhh* Yeah, don't worry people. Like this joke, I recycle a lot of things. No need to thank me - you're welcome.

There are 10 types of people

Those who recycle binary jokes, and those who recycle other jokes.

The White House Announced A New Environmental Initiative This Morning

They will now recycle the same bullshit everyday instead of buying it fresh.

How do we solve global warming?

The Chainsmokers: "recycle stuff"

Check this out

I often wonder if the word "recycle" was originally thrown out

Recycle joke, Check this out

My school are such hypocrites. They promote recycled paper themselves... but when I do it?

When I recycle papers, suddenly it's "plagiarism".

I'm very environmentally conscious when it comes to women...

I reduce, reuse, and recycle.

I work for a garbage department in a garbage company.

The worst part is? *We don't even recycle.*

Where do all the recycled websites go?

Dot Compost

I'm a recycle bin...

I'm not garbage, but I might as well be.

Comedians have found a new way to recycle old material

It's called Amy Schumer

What do they do with the bikes at the end of the Tour de France?

They recycle them.

A company just announced they have found a way to recycle beef

It was a big reveal.

New Years resolution to recycle water

I am putting a bucket in each shower and using the collected water in the clothes washer. I really don't care what everyone else at the gym says.

This Earth Day I decided I would become more environmentally concious

So I'm starting to recycle jokes

My wife asked me if I like to recycle...

"Well yeah of course. It's the only way I can get Karma!"

I don't understand people who don't recycle...

Why would you buy a bike and only ride it once?

Dont throw your life away

Recycle it

Does only being able to recycle number 1 and 2 plastics upset anyone else?

I just moved to a new city and they don't recycle anything above a 2. Is it like this in a lot of places? I hope I can find somewhere to drop off my other plastics.

What's the first thing a homeless person does when he uses a computer?

Checks recycle bin.

I have found a place where the recycle rate is 98%


Kim Kardashian is so plastic

You can recycle her when she dies...

Who was the worst Eco Terrorist of all time?

Recycle Bin Laden.

Why do so many people want to have sex with Kylie Jenner?

Because you're supposed to recycle plastic

What does a homeless guy do first when he finds a laptop?

He searches through the Recycle bin.

Why do environmentalists love this sub?

Reword, Repost, Recycle!

You can recycle an old brassiere into a face mask. It is important to remember to only use the left cup...

otherwise you will end up looking like a right tit.

I couldn't decide which joke to recycle for my Blue Cheese Day.

So instead, tell me your best and maybe even... *cheesiest*... joke that you've used for your own Blue Cheese Day!!


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