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Explore the world of recurring jokes - from letterkenny to seinfeld! Dive into the world of infinitely repeated punchlines, gags and funny moments that have become intertwined with our favorite characters. Learn what makes a recurring joke successful and why they are so effective in making us laugh. Discover how these memorable intersecting scenes create an audience bond and become a part of our culture.

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Funniest Recurring Short Jokes

Short recurring jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The recurring humour may include short repeatedly jokes also.

  1. Happy Pi Day Me: I dreamed my teacher is making me read out endless values of π.
    Psychiatrist: Is it recurring?
    Me: Not as far as anyone can tell.
  2. I keep having this recurring dream about a horse wearing a suit of armor Actually, it may be more of a knight mare.
  3. My grandmother was a somnambulist who had recurring dreams of coloring Easter eggs Conveniently, she dyed in her sleep last week.
  4. Being stuck inside for a long time due to Covid, my wife started having recurring nightmares about how our house is made of celery. Doctors think it is stalk home syndrome.
  5. I keep having this recurring dream where I'm eating TVs I guess I should really watch what I eat.
  6. What? The square root of some numbers give us a infinite non-recurring decimal? That's absurd!
  7. I keep having this really bad recurring dream. I wake up, lay around all day, get fat then go to sleep.
  8. I've been having this recurring dream about a super hot waitress... She keeps giving me wet naps.
  9. CNN hardest hit by recurring guest Michael Avenatti's domestic a**... scandal Correction: second-hardest

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Recurring One Liners

Which recurring one liners are funny enough to crack down and make fun with recurring? I can suggest the ones about repeating word and revolving.

  1. What do you call a girl you can't stop thinking about? .......a recurring thot
  2. What do you call it when a story has a recurring train theme? A Loco Motif
  3. What did one shovel say to the other during a recurring fight? Can we just bury this?
  4. A recurring decimal walked into a bar And never returned
  5. What do you call a bachelor from New Zealand? Two Thirds Because of the recurring SIX
  6. I keep having this recurring dream.... It goes 1.33333333333333333333333333
  7. A recurring number walks into a bar'
  8. Why did 0.81 recurring die? Because he was 9/11.
  9. I have a recurring w**... about Theresa May Where I'm drowning her in the Thames.

Recurring joke, I have a recurring w**... about Theresa May

Hilarious Recurring Jokes for a Fun-Filled Night with Friends

What funny jokes about recurring you can tell and make people laugh? An example I can give is a clean ongoing jokes that will for sure put a smile on everyones mouth and help you make recurring pranks.

A man is talking to his doctor about a recurring dream he keeps having.

"I keep dreaming about a soccer match between elephants and mice" the patient said
"No worries" says the doctor and gives the patient some medicine, "take this just before bed and you'll have a dreamless sleep"
"Ok, thank you doctor" responded the man "but can I start it tomorrow? The finals are tonight"

A man passes away...

A man passes away and his f**... is set to be held in his hometown where one of his sons lives. The other, a wealthy businessman, unfortunately can't make it to the ceremony so instead he offers to pay for the entire thing. A few months later, the businessman is looking over his finances and notices a recurring bill of $120 a month. Confused, he called up his brother and asks him if he knows anything about it.
"Oh yeah" the brother replies. "Dad always wanted to go out in style so we rented him a tuxedo"

A guy visits his psychiatrist

"Doc, I keep having these alternating recurring dreams. First I'm a teepee, then I'm a wigwam, then I'm a teepee, then I'm a wigwam. It's driving me crazy. What's wrong with me?"
The doctor replies, "It's very simple. You're two tents."

A man goes to see a psychologist...

The man tells the doctor that he has a recurring nightmare in which two teams of rats play football.
The doctor said: 'Take this pill, and tonight the nightmare is gone.'
'I can't do that.' The other one said.
'Why not?' The doctor asked, puzzled.
With a grin on his face, he said: 'The final game of the season is tonight.'

Recurring dreams

A man goes to a psychiatrist and says Dr. you have to help me, I keep having these recurring dreams. One night I dream that I am a wigwam and the next night I dream I am a teepee. It alternates one night wigwam, one night teepee. . The psychiatrist says I think I know what your problem is. You are too tense.

The recurring dream

An old man sought out advice from his therapist about his troubling recurring dreams.
One night I'm a wigwam, the next night I'm a teepee.
Relax, said the therapist, you're two tents.

A Chinese businessman is entertaining his guest from England

Each time the Chinese lifts the glass, the says to his English associate: Kan Pei! 干杯 (Cheers)
The Englishman is stunned, but he continues eating.
It keeps recurring, each time the Chinese wants to drink, he exclaims: Kan Pei!
Finally, the English puts down his cutlery and says aloud to his Chinese associate: It's alright if you CAN'T PAY! I will! Now, shut up and eat!!

Recurring Visions

This is an old one.
A man goes to a psychologist and says "Doc, you have to help me. I can't sleep. Every time I close my eyes my mother is right there giving me grief. When I open them, it's even worse, there she is again nagging and bullying me. Sometimes its so bad, at night time, all I can do is go downstairs and eat a piece of toast."
The doctor looks at him and replies "What? One piece of toast? For a big boy like you?"

Recurring joke, CNN hardest hit by recurring guest Michael Avenatti's domestic a**... scandal