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The bermuda triangle used to be known as the bermuda rectangle,

until one of the sides mysteriously vanished.

What does a black rectangle have in common with the girl I met last night?

>!you tap it once and it's gone!<

What do you get if you give a triangle vodka?

A rectangle

Rectangle joke, What do you get if you give a triangle vodka?

I wish to go back to the time I had sex with a Rectangle... was the best shape I'd ever been in.

What do you call a triangle that got OWNED?

A rectangle.

What do you call a rectangle that's full of blood?

An erectangle

(Came up with this in math class lol)

I made six figures today...

a square, rectangle, triangle, circle, hexagon, and a polyhedron.

Rectangle joke, I made six figures today...

What happens when an angle gets itself into a car wreck?

The angle becomes a rectangle

What do you call a crushed angle?


Just like not all rectangles are squares but all squares are rectangles..

Not all alcoholics are Irishmen, but all Irishmen are alcoholics!

What's Hugh Heffner's favorite shape?

A Rectangle

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What do you call a rectangle that is standing up?

An erectangle.

Why is it called Red Square called Red Square when it is shaped like a rectangle?

Because in Soviet Russia, all sides are equal.

So, a blonde is pulled over by a blonde police officer

And the police officer says, " I'd like to see your license ma'am."

The blonde rummages through her bag and says, "I can't seem to find it."

The blonde police officer says "It's a rectangle that has you picture on it."

The blonde looks through her bag again and finds a mirror, looks at it and hands it to the police officer.

And the blonde police officer says "Sorry ma'am, I had no idea you were a cop too, go ahead."

A circle is circular, a triangle is triangular, a rectangle is rectangular, but a square is...

You. You're a square.

What do you call a rectangle that lives in a swamp

A shrektangle

Rectangle joke, What do you call a rectangle that lives in a swamp

What do you call two gay guys scissoring?

A rectangle

What do you call an excited rectangle?

An erectangle.

I was trying to buff my rectangle into a circle...

I was trying to buff my rectangle into a circle, but I never got a round to it.

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