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Im surprised that Roy Moore wants a recount; a large gap in numbers had never bothered him before.

Get it?

I think there should be a vote recount.

It'll be awesome to see Trump lose twice.

My jokes never get any upvotes........

I demand a recount.

Recount joke, My jokes never get any upvotes........

Roy Moore demands recount!

Nope, she was still 14

Roy Moore missed the New Years Eve countdown.

He's demanding a recount.

Doctors say Rudy Giuliani's white blood cells count was low

but he's demanding a recount.

If the voting recount flips the outcome of the election, I have the perfect guy to call Trump and tell him that he's no longer going to be President...

Steve Harvey.

"I have to apologize.....the 1st runner-up, is Trump. The next President of the United States is...Hillary Clinton!"



Recount joke, If the voting recount flips the outcome of the election, I have the perfect guy to call Trump and te

Roy Moore demanded a recount

The results came back that she was 14 and a half.

I'm really surprised that Roy Moore wants a recount in the Alabama election

Large gaps in numbers haven't seemed to bother him before.

I don't see why Roy Moore wants a recount.

Once the number goes past 16 he loses interest.

Why does Roy Moore want a recount of the election?

He thinks Alabama is playing hard to get

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Marine Le Pen, recount the vote!

I do not trust Arabic numbers, use Roman numerals.

Florida voting recount has finally been completed.

Turns out the winner was actually Al Gore.

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