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The woman's bumper sticker claimed she was pro-life...

...but her reckless driving suggested otherwise.

Nervous systems are too reckless

They always do everything on impulse

A cop pulled over a guy for reckless meandering driving

The cop walked up to the driver window and asked - "how high are you?"

The guy replied - "No officer, it's 'Hi, how're you?"

Reckless joke, A cop pulled over a guy for reckless meandering driving

What's the difference between Tiger Woods and an amateur golfer?

Only one of them gets convicted for reckless driving

Reckless Driving

A man was driving on the highway when all of a sudden he had to swerve to avoid a box falling off the truck that was in front of him.

Seconds later, a police office pulled him over for reckless driving.

As the officer was writing the ticket, the driver noticed the box he'd avoided had been full of nails and tacks.

"I had to swerve otherwise I'd have run over those and blown my tires!" he protested.

"OK," replied the officer, as he ripped up the ticket, "but I'm still bringing you in."

"What for?!"

"Tacks evasion."

A limerick writ for a Twit

An executive reckless and bitter

Made a fool of himself via Twitter

*"Please stop!"* they entreated

But in answer he Tweeted

*"If I do they might call me a quitter"*

I would never vaccinate my kids. Its unnatural, dangerous, pointless, expensive, and reckless.

I take them to the doctors instead.

Reckless joke, I would never vaccinate my kids. Its unnatural, dangerous, pointless, expensive, and reckless.

I would never vaccinate my kids.

That is unnatural, dangerous, pointless,
expensive, reckless, and harmful. I take
my kids to the doctor so they can
vaccinate them instead

I was pulled over in Massachusetts for reckless driving.

When brought before the judge, I was asked if I knew what the punishment for drunk driving in that state was. I said, "I don't know... reelection to the Senate?"

What do you call someone who always pays attention while driving?

A reckless driver.

My girlfriend is so reckless...

We were standing at the top of my driveway, I let go of her hand for one second and all of a sudden shes at the bottom of the driveway about to go headfirst into oncoming traffic.

No wonder she ended up in a wheelchair.

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What do you call a reckless thief who only steals cooking utensils?

A whisk taker.

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