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A black man is lost in a desert

A black man is lost in a desert and just before death God comes before him and asks him what he desires at this moment.

The black man says:" I want lots of water, lots of women on me and I want to be white."

God says:" You ask and thou shall recieve."

And God turns him into a toilet.

God said to John, "Come forth and recieve eternal life."

But John came fifth, and received a toaster instead.

The Lord said to John "Come forth and recieve eternal life"

But John came in fifth and won a Best Buy gift card.

Recieve joke, The Lord said to John "Come forth and recieve eternal life"

God said, "Come forth, John, and you shall recieve eternal life"

John came fifth and won a microwave oven

A man goes to recieve tests results from the doctor

A worried man goes to recieve tests results from the doctor. Stepping into the office, he says "Give it to me straight doc! Just do it!"

The doctor replies, "No, I'm not gay."

They both burst into laughter. "Besides", the doctor says, "I don't want HIV"

God said to Jacob "Come forth and recieve eternal life"

But he came fifth and won a tomato knife.

Jesus said "come forth unto me and recieve enternal salvation!"

Paul came fifth and won a toaster.

Recieve joke, Jesus said "come forth unto me and recieve enternal salvation!"

You hear they are letting women into the Augusta national golf club?

They recieve green aprons instead of green jackets.

Jesus said "Come forth, and you will recieve eternal life....

But you came fitfh and one a toaster.

How to get a lot of friends

First, ask a girl to hang out with you.

Ex) me : Will ya hang out with me?

Second, recieve her answer.

Ex) girl : Let's just be friends...

Third, You got a new friend!

Following these tips, I got +10 friends! XD

If the United States got the moon for winning the space race, what did the Soviet Union recieve for second place?

A constellation prize.

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