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Top 10 of the Funniest Rebranding Jokes and Puns

I am rebranding computers' energy saving mode

It's a power nap.

Did you hear about the homeless artist who got turned down in his submission for a classic string toy rebranding?

It was a no-go hobo yo-yo logo.

Breaking news: Anti-US terrorist organizations announce their merger and ceasing of attacks.

They are apparently rebranding as gender reveal party organizers for greater effectiveness.

To combat drug addiction, Christians are now rebranding herion as "Jesus"

One should never take the Lord's name in vein.

With tumbler becomeing safe for work pedophiles are being are rebranding as "maps"

Guess they needed to sound more child friendly

Canada Post...

Due to strikes Canada Post is rebranding and changing their policy on weed delivery.
New name: Canabis Post.

With Weight Watchers changing their name they really missed out on rebranding themselves as the Mass Murderers

Have you heard Google is buying Uber?

They are rebranding it as Goober.

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