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Funniest Reboot Short Jokes

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  1. Microsoft is working on software for self-driving vehicles. I can't wait until my car suddenly stops in the middle of the highway and reboots to install updates.
  2. I heard miley cyrus is in the new Silence of the Lambs reboot She plays Hannibal Montannibal.
  3. Should Ryan Reynolds star as Gatsby in The Great Gatsby reboot? I mean he has already been green lantern AND deadpool.
  4. What do winter solstice and a frozen computer have in common? Both make you wait for a "reboot."
  5. The last twenty five years have been a bizarre time to grow up. For instance, i've lived through more 'Spiderman' re-boot than legitimate presidential elections.
  6. I'm getting sick of all these reboots of old classics Cold War (2022) is not as good as the original.
  7. What's the difference between a frog giving a speech and the worst thing Netflix has ever done? One is Ribbit Ribbit the other is Reboot Reboot.
  8. All these women-casted movie reboots The studios behind the women-casted reboot movies must be making a fortune by cutting their labor costs by 30%
  9. Rumor has it Hollywood is casting Idris Elba for a Lord of the Rings reboot to promote diversity. Idris is playing the Tolkien Black Guy
  10. Here in about 50 years, when Harry Potter is on its 5th reboot, this time with an all house elf cast, the author will be J. K. Rowling over in her grave.

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Reboot One Liners

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  1. What does a computerized frog say? Reboot, reboot, reboot,...
  2. What did x æ a-12 got when he was given a lithium iron battery, to reboot himself? Li-Fe
  3. I got boots for my birthday then regifted them It was a reboot
  4. My computer lost its shoe. It had to reboot.
  5. Justin Timberlake to star in Dark Crystal reboot Working title: "Bringing Skeksis Back"
  6. Who is D.C. Movies most dangerous villain? Mr. Reboot
  7. Guess which film franchise reboot would score millions now? The Mask.
  8. Why did the robot go to the shoe shop? To get rebooted
  9. How do you fight cancel culture? With reboots!
  10. What did Stephen Hawkins do when his shoes fell off? He would re-boot
  11. Let's reboot Robocop and replace Peter Weller with Peter Dinklage. Call it Robocrop .
  12. What is one kind of movie that is impossible to reboot with an all female cast? Silent.
  13. If Bill Gates had a penny for every time I had to reboot my computer ...oh wait, he does.
  14. Nobody has original ideas anymore. Movies, TV shows, and polio are getting rebooted.
  15. They're rebooting The Magic School Bus With the Friz? No way!

Reboot Computer Jokes

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  • Why did the Robert E. Lee statue have to reboot his computer? He partitioned the s**... drive.
Reboot joke, Why did the Robert E. Lee statue have to reboot his computer?

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God had asked Jesus and the Devil to type out their quarterly reviews...

They are almost finished when suddenly, the power goes out. When it comes back on and they reboot their desktops, the Devil's screen is blank while Jesus's reviews stayed intact. Frustrated, the Devil asks Jesus why he still has his reviews. Jesus's response, "Jesus saves."

Another movie reboot

Pam and Doug were walking past a movie theatre when Doug pointed and said hey look they're remaking that old PG-13 classic, but it looks like this time they're giving it an R!
Pam looked over and, sure enough, there was a big poster for Planet Of The Rapes

In a short-sighted rushed effort to reboot the iTouch product Apple decided to market it to schools. Apple named their new product iTouch Kids. It didn't go over well...

It did great in the 12-25 prison stint group though.

Top 5 Ways to Build Trust Once it is Broken

5. Do what you say
4. Honor your promises
3. Tell the truth
2. Speak from the heart
1. Remove from the domain and then add back into the domain after a reboot.

Elon Musk's space travel corp. decided not to fund the recent reboot of Carrie, just because they were scared...

I guess you could say it was a *s**... SpaceX.*

Roseanne was fired from the Roseanne Show

but re-hired to be the female Archie Bunker for the All in the Family re-boot

I guess they asked Christopher Lambert what he thought about a Highlander reboot...

...and he said "There can be only one."

Reboot joke, I guess they asked Christopher Lambert what he thought about a Highlander reboot...