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Two generals are going to a meeting with the emperor..

General 1: "What's the penalty for being late to meet the Emperor?"

General 2: "Death. He's a stickler for that stuff, you know that!"

1: "And what's the penalty for starting a rebellion?"

2: "Come on man, it's death. Obviously. Why do you ask?"

1: "Well, we're late..."

In the onion kingdom, the red onions ruled over all other onions. The red onion King was a well respected ruler. However, one fateful day, the spring onions rebelled.

As the red onion King was thrown from his dais, he turned to the leader of the rebellion. "You'll never truly be King! You're nothing but a shallot-on!"

What do you call an organised rebellion with twice as many people as usual?

A sedan d'Γ©tat.

What do you call a Mexican that's in the rebellion?

A Rogue Juan

Irishman steps up on Mastermind, the quiz show. His chosen topic: the Irish Rebellion, 1916.

- **Quizmaster**: 'Your first question: who read the *Proclamation of Independence* from the steps of the GPO?'

- **Contestant**: 'Pass'

- **Quizmaster**: 'OK. Second question: name the Irish rebel leader born in Scotland.'

- **Contestant**: 'Pass'

- **Quizmaster**: 'Question three: which *Countess* was an important leader in the rebellion?'

- **Contestant**: 'Pass'

Suddenly, his friend in the audience shouts:


Did you hear about the Pigeon rebellion?

Yeah, it was a "coo" d'etat.

Anyone remember the Boxer rebellion?

Thank god it was only for a brief moment.

I just saw Les Miserables in the theatre

Personally I think the whole rebellion thing was staged

Why did the Boxer Rebellion fail?

They had no Qin

There was a rebellion in Saudi Arabia recently.

I guess it was time for a sheikh-up.

Did you hear about the horses that formed a rebellion against the farmer when they ran out of food?

It was the last straw.

The best friend of a stormtrooper decides to join the rebellion

While watching his friend leave, the stormtrooper found himself thinking: "You''ll be missed!"

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