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Chinese takeout $20.00.. Gas to pick it up $10.00..

Getting home and realising they have forgotten one of your containers..


The Somalian Olympics team has just apologised

The Somalian Olympics Team has just apologised to the Olympic Committee after realising that sailing and shooting were 2 separate events!!

A desert island with six women

A bloke found himself stranded on a desert island with six women. To keep it fair, it was decided he would service a different woman every night and have Mondays free. After a few months the man was exhausted, realising how tiring it was to perform constantly every night except one. Then one day, to his joy, he found a man washed up on the beach who would be able to take some of the workload from him. However, his hopes were shattered when the man's first words were, "Hi, gorgeous, how about the kiss of life?"

'Oh f\*ck,' thinks the man, 'there goes Mondays.'

Realising joke, A desert island with six women

What's more horrifying than finding a stack of dad's playboys in the basement?

Realising one of them's still breathing.

Somalis at the Olympics...

The Somalian Olympic Committee issued an official apology earlier in the week, after realising that sailing and shooting are separate events.

Two dudes are smoking pot

One tells another:

-Dude, I think this pot is making me stupid, I should quit.

Second guy responds:

-No, dude it's the other way round, you're becoming smarter and realising that you're an idiot.

The joke is originally in Georgian, this is a translation.

Sir Dimalot strode into the throne room and bowed before the king.

"Your majesty," he said, "I have been robbing and pillaging on your behalf all day, burning the villages of your enemies in the north."

The king looked perplexed. "But I do not have any enemies in the north."

"Ah," replied the knight, realising his mistake. "I fear you do now."

Realising joke, Sir Dimalot strode into the throne room and bowed before the king.

What's worse than eating 11 oysters off your grandma's private parts

Realising you only put 10

Two Scientists Walk Into a Bar

The first scientist says "I'll have some H2O"

The second scientist then proceeds to grab a stool from the bar and throw it at his colleague, realising that the first scientist was trying to murder him.

What's the worst thing about having a lung transplant?

Realising that the first time you cough, the phlegm isn't yours.

What is worse than heartbreak?

Waking up and realising your phone was not charging.

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A woman was having surgery

A woman was having surgery to have her left leg amputated, due to gangrene. Unfortunately, the doctor mistakenly removed her right leg.

Realising his mistake while she was still under anaesthesia, he proceeded to remove her left left.

Later on, she sued the doctor for malpractice, but the jury did not come back in her favor.

They said she didn't have a leg to stand on!

I hate gaining ten pounds for a role

And then realising I'm not an actor.

A man walked into a bar...

and promptly left after realising his Wife was more important.

This criminal invaded my house and turned my phone book upside down without me realising.

Instead of the cops there's some angry guy with a pitchfork on my doorstep.

Realising that he's gonna lose the election, Roy Moore is learning Guitar chords to become a musician......

Realising joke, Realising that he's gonna lose the election, Roy Moore is learning Guitar chords to become a musicia

Pros and Cons of Easter

Pro: Eating a chocolate bunny that's hollow inside.
Con: Looking in the mirror and realising you're the same.

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