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Why did the hipster die in Pripyat?

He went into reactor 4 before it was cool

What did the sign say on the abandoned nuclear reactor?

Gone fission

The Difference Between Starkiller Base and The Death Star

Starkiller base doesn't have a reactor core because it is a copyright of the fine bros.

Reactor joke, The Difference Between Starkiller Base and The Death Star

Science/nre joke

What particles in a reactor are the happiest?

Delayed neutrons.

Kid, are you a nuclear reactor?

Because you're having a meltdown.

What do you get when you combine an overpass and a nuclear reactor?

An overreaction.

What's the difference between a nuclear reactor and a woman?

Inserting a rod into the reactor turns it off.

Reactor joke, What's the difference between a nuclear reactor and a woman?

All the workers at the nuclear reactor plant left work. They left a sign at the door. What did it say?

Sorry! Gone fission.

How does a CANDU reactor work?

By believing in itself.

Hey guys, I'm looking to hire a group of people to move toxic waste from a nearby nuclear reactor.

I'm not gonna pay anyone but I'm sure you'll get plenty of exposure.

How do you fix a nuclear reactor with one hand?

Oops, wrong sub!

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