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Funniest Raw Meat Short Jokes

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  1. Why did the amphibian not want to eat raw meat? He was afraid of getting salamandermonella poisoning.
  2. My restaurant only serves raw meat. As a result, everyone got parasites and turned into zombies, wandering around going ''RAW RAW RAW''.
  3. What does Michael Jackson and McDonalds have in common? They both stick their raw meat into five year old buns.

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Raw Meat One Liners

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  1. What's Lady Gaga's favorite kind of meat? Raw, Raw, Raw, Raw, Raw
  2. You should know much bacteria is on raw meat. Lives are at steak.
  3. Why are raw meats expensive? Because they're so rare.
  4. A couple I know only eat raw meat. Their names are Sam and Ella.
  5. A saint drank through an uncooked piece of meat St. Raw
  6. What smells better raw meat or a baby? Depends on how cooked the baby is.
  7. What type of meat does Lady GaGa eat? Raw raw raw huh haa!
  8. How does Lady Gaga like her meat? raw raw raw raw raw
  9. Q: What do you call a princess who eats raw meat? A: Salmonella
  10. What do you get if you eat a bunch of raw meat? A lifetime ban from the zoo.
  11. What sort of meat does a lion ask for? Raw
  12. Why do tigers eat raw meat? Because they don't know how to cook!
  13. Why does a lion only eat raw meat? Because he can't cook.

Raw Meat Funny Jokes And Hilarious Puns.

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My second favorite joke that came to me in a dream.

Woke up thinking I had told this one to all of my friends and they thought it was truly dumb. I told it to them IRL anyway:
Everybody else went back to the hostel, so I ended up walking around Switzerland by myself at one in the morning. I'm passing this bar when I hear people cheering. I could use a drink so I pop in, and I find all of the chairs pushed aside, and there's a guy in the middle of the floor juggling big slabs of beef. Right? So I grab a beer and sit down to watch, and it's actually, just, mesmerizing. The meat is raw, so it's sort of rippling through the air, fascinating to watch. I heard the guy next to me speak English, so I lean over and I ask him if this is primarily a Swiss sport or what. He says, "Yeah, it's hard to get people interested in sirloin juggling. You're not likely to make any money or even make a name for yourself, and yet the steaks are so high."