Raves Jokes

Why do people take acid at raves?

Because there's so much base.

A guy goes to his local golf course...

The club pro asks him if he wants to try out one of their experimental new robot caddies...on the house.

"Sure, why not?" the man says.

He returns after playing 18 holes and raves to the club pro about the caddy. The robot gave him swing tips throughout the round and always chose the perfect club for each shot. It was the best round of his life!

He returns the next weekend and excitedly requests a robot caddy from the club pro.

"Unfortunately, we had to dispose of all seven of our robot caddies recently", said the club pro.

"What!?, why!?" exclaimed the man.

"Well, the chrome plating of the robots was very shiny and, on sunny days, it was distracting some of our older members", said the club pro.

"That's simple! Why didn't you just paint them black??" Screamed the man.

"We tried that", the club pro said. "Six of them didn't show up for work the next day and the seventh robbed the pro shop!"

A church in my neighborhood has started having raves every night...

They're Crystal Methodists.

If gym equipment was invisible...

Gyms would look like silent raves

What do bears get at raves?


What do bears take at raves?


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