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My dad told me never to go to a cheap, sleazy, dirty, raunchy strip club, because you'll see something you really shouldn't.

So I went.

And I saw my dad.

Got any funny fortune cookie idea's?

I own a restaurant and I have extremely funny fortune cookies, but I'm running out of fortune ideas! Help me! I need some raunchy, dirty and insulting fortunes! Show me what you got and you could see them in a fortune cookie one day!

What's the best joke you know that's kid-safe?

I know plenty of raunchy jokes, but was asked this recently and came up blank

Raunchy joke, What's the best joke you know that's kid-safe?

As a proud family man, the amount of raunchy, tasteless, sexist and offensive jokes you perverts are posting in this sub is frankly disappointing

Is there a filter or flair so I can see only NSFW jokes so I don't have to scroll past all the clean jokes?

Our son was a by-product of a raunchy night in the back of a car.

With one very open-minded taxi driver.

How do you quadruple the capacity of a gay bar?

Turn all the stools upside down.

(Not trying to offend anyone, just a raunchy joke I heard from my GFs dad)

An ode to Father's Day with a new born (raunchy)

Roses are red
Expectations are low
Pull down your pants
Let's give it a blow

Raunchy joke, An ode to Father's Day with a new born (raunchy)

Now that Miley Cyrus is no longer doing raunchy pop music..

She decided to apply for twerkers comp

One liners

I'm at a VFW and I want dirty raunchy one liners to tell, racism allowed

For the upcoming new year I made a raunchy calendar involving buff, handsome men from the mines. I was arrested by the police.

For sexual or suggestive content involving Miners.

What book does the Queen of England read to get herself into a raunchy mood?

50 Shades of Earl Grey

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