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A goat, a drum, and a rattlesnake fall down a cliff...

ba dum tss

My wife

Not many of you know that my wife was bitten by a rattlesnake over the summer, while we were camping. After two days of horrible, writhing agony, the snake died.

A Rabbi, a Priest, and a Pastor make a bet.

They say, "Whoever goes into the woods and converts the most dangerous animal, wins". So a week goes by and they all return. The Pastor comes back with a rattlesnake and says "He goes to church every week!". The priest comes back with cougar and says "His first he's getting confirmed next month!". The Rabbi comes back in a full body cast and says " You know, I probably shouldn't have tried to circumcise a bear."

Rattlesnake joke, A Rabbi, a Priest, and a Pastor make a bet.

How do you turn a cobra into a rattlesnake?

Give it to Michael J Fox

I can't believe rattlesnake warnings are called rattles

and not cautionary tails

How did possums learn to play dead?

When scientists learned that possums can survive up to 80 rattlesnake bites

I couldn't decide whether to get my nephew a toy or a pet for his first birthday.

Ended up buying him a rattlesnake.

Rattlesnake joke, I couldn't decide whether to get my nephew a toy or a pet for his first birthday.

What do you call it when you are bitten by a rattlesnake, and your uncle is the sheriff, and his sidekick hand delivers you the antidote?


I couldn't decide what to get my son for Christmas.

I thought maybe a toy, maybe a pet. So I compromised and bought him a rattlesnake.

I was bit by a rattlesnake last summer. After three days of excruciating pain

the snake died

What do you get when you cross a cobra with Michael J. Fox?

A rattlesnake.

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A sheep, a percussion instrument, and a rattlesnake walk into a bar...


A sheep, a landfill, and a rattlesnake fall off a cliff


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