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A rasta man goes to the bank with a 25 kg bag of marijuana...

And hands it over to the bank teller.

Confused, the bank teller asks, "What's this for?"

The rasta replies, "Me here to open a joint account."

A Rastaman with a bag full of marijuana walks into a bank...

and hands it to a cashier. The angry cashier asks 'Sir, what is this...?' The rasta replies "Wa yah ask foolish question, mi come to open a joint account!!"

Two Rastafarians go to the river in Egypt and one of them gets in and says "Ey, mon, me not get wet"; his friend replies

"Ya right, mon, you in denial"

Rasta joke, Two Rastafarians go to the river in Egypt and one of them gets in and says "Ey, mon, me not get wet"

Why was the Rastafarian poor?

Because he was jah bless

A little girl turns to her mother and asks, "What is that rasta man cooking behind us?"

The mother turns around to look and says, "I don't know sweetie. What Jamaican?"

What do they call a list of athletes in Jamaica?

A rasta.

Why aren't digital images of Bob Marley scalable?

Because they're all rasta graphics.

Rasta joke, Why aren't digital images of Bob Marley scalable?

What do you call a Rasta with a liberal arts degree?


Where do Rastafarian Muslims go to pray?


Does anyone have a Rastafarian wig?

We have crazy hair day at work tomorrow and I'm dreading it.

Why was the Jamaican footballer sad?

He was kicked off his team's rasta

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I'm a Vegan Rasta...

If I cannot smoke it, then I cannot eat it.

If a Rastaman ever wants to tell you a story...

Don't bother, they just Babylon.

Why did the Rastafarian change his hair style?

Because it was dreadful.

Which file extension is the most rasta?


A Rastafarian who has spent his whole life helping people and accumulated no possessions is writing his will. His lawyer looks at it and realizes it is nothing more than a lengthy description of his faith. "Are you sure this is all you have for a will?" asks the lawyer.

Ya. This is what I be leavin'.

Rasta joke, A Rastafarian who has spent his whole life helping people and accumulated no possessions is writing

Why didn't the Rastafarian get a haircut?

He was dreading it

What do you call a Rasta on a surf board?

Bob Gnarly

What did the rastafarian say to the hypnotist

Jamaican me sleepy

What do you call an extremist Jamaican man?

A Rasta far-right!

Why did the Rastafarian refuse to cut his hair for ten years?

He was dreading it.

What's a Rastafarians favourite movie?

Goodwill Bun-ting!

Why are Rastafarians afraid to secure their houses at night?

Because they dread locks.

Whats a Jamaican's favorite kind of pasta?

Rasta roni

What did the Rasta say to the pirate?

"Everything Arrrrrie?"

Why hasn't the Rastafarian gone to see the barber?

He's dreading it.

What did the Rastafarian say to his lady friend?

Jamaican me crazy!!

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