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I don't like rappers.

They're too crinkly

Are there any medium rappers?

They're always big or lil.

I think I made up a joke. What do rappers use to wash their clothes?


Rappers joke, I think I made up a joke. What do rappers use to wash their clothes?

Active volcanoes would make good rappers...

because they got mad flow.

What do rappers use to write their lyrics?


Why are most rappers afraid of vending machines?

Because eminem's in there

(Sorry, it works better when it's spoken)

what do you call twin chinese rappers?

two chengs

Rappers joke, what do you call twin chinese rappers?

why were the rappers late for their flight?

they forgot tupac

How are music and candy similar?

We throw away the rappers.

What's a rappers shirt made out of?

Strait out of cotton

Why can't rappers take holidays?

They always forget Tupac.

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Knights and dragons must have been the first rappers.

After all, dragons spit fire, and knights slay.

How do you know that Arabs make the best rappers ?

They're always blowing up.

How do most rappers build a following?

They go shopping at a department store.

What species are the best rappers?

Dragons, because they're always spittin' fire.

Why was Biggie mad at 2Pac?

It all started when 2pac innocently said, "Yeah, sure, it's cool, invite all the rappers to my party, no biggie."

Rappers joke, Why was Biggie mad at 2Pac?

What kind of planes do rappers fly?


Weed is not harmless.

Think of another drug that causes white guys to grow dreadlocks and become rappers.

What did the prospector say the the zombie rappers?

"There's mold in them there grills"

What's a rappers favorite Harry Potter spell?

Expecto Petrรณn

If there were two vegetarian rappers

Could they still have beef? Or would they squash it!

Why do rappers hate bicycles

They can't handle the bars

If 2 vegan rappers are dissing each other...

Is it still considered having a beef?

Where do Italian rappers come from?

The spaghetto.

What's a rappers favorite toy?

A yoyo

Where do you find rappers in the middle of the day?

Costco for all the free samples

Why don't you see mumble rappers at gas stations?

You can't fuel up your car with a Lil' Pump.

What's a rappers favorite type of weather?

A Lil Wayne

What Do Rappers and Canadians Have In Common?


Dear SoundCloud rappers who shout "aye you already know who it isssssss"

No we do not.

sincerely, the general population

Why do mumble rappers have neck tattoos?

So the paramedics know it was fentanyl.

Cops. Rappers.

That's a list of people who tell other people to put their hands up.

Mumble rappers are dying off

Lil' by Lil'

Why do farmers make the best rappers?

Because they always have the freshest beets.

What is it called when two Rappers Get in a Rap Battle in Beijing?

Beijing Beef

Why do rappers date women from the IT department?

because they know how to back it up and dump it

What do rappers write their lyrics on?

Wrapping paper.

What's a rappers favorite cut of meat?

A skrt steak

I'll say this about Drake

Most rappers date nines and tens, but he goes to Eleven

Telephone rap battle

Two rappers were exchanging insults over the phone when one got upset and the line went dead.

Diss connected.

What's a mumble rappers favorite food?

Skrrt Steak!

What do rappers use on their laundry


Mumble rappers and Japanese Anime are the same

both require subtitles.

Why were dragons called rappers during ancient times?

Because they used to spit fire.

Where do rappers go to get pets?

Tha Dogg Pound

Have you heard about the rappers ghost writer going to jail

He was behind bars

What do rappers and vegans have in common?

Fake beef

When Cannibals Attack

When cannibals attacked the AMAs, why were Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and Drake spared?

You're not supposed to eat the rappers.

(I literally dreamt this joke)

An American and a Zimbabwean walk into a bar

The American says to the Zimbabwean, You know, we have a few good rappers in America. My favourite would have to be Eminem, have you got a favourite?
The Zimbabwean thinks for about 5 seconds and says, Well yes, of course. My favourite would have to be 50 cent, or as we call him, 400 billion dollars.

What do rappers like to add to their coffee?

Two pack sugar.

What do mumble rappers from the East coast rap about?

I don't know...Their verses aren't Pacific.

Why don't religious people like rap music?

All rappers do is hop in the booth and confess to a bunch of crimes they've committed.

That's Catholicism.

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